HostMonster Web Hosting Review 2015

HostMonster Web Hosting

Last updated January 30th, 2015 at 12:38 pm

HostMonster is one of the oldest web hosting companies that are still working in the industry. HostMonster started working in web hosting industry during 1996 and since then, they have provided their services to millions of customers. You can use hosting services of HostMonster to host your personal, professional or business website at very economical price. HostMonster offers really interesting and affordable services for its customers.


At this time, HostMonster is hosting more than 600,000 websites on its servers. The best thing that you will also like about HostMonster is its affordable pricing and unmatchable hosting services.

HostMonster Web Hosting Review 2015

HostMonster Web Hosting Review 2015

Hosting Plan

If you want to save money then you should hire shared hosting plan offered by HostMonster. Most of the people are running their websites on WordPress these days. Keeping this fact in mind, a shared hosting account with unlimited disk space and bandwidth is best for you. The price that you will have to pay is only $5.95/ month. This is another thing that I like about HostMonster. Although, they are providing only one shared hosting plan but they have combined all the features of low-end and high-end shared hosting plans into only one plan that is called “Launch Hosting” by HostMonster.

HostMonster offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth in this package. This is simply wonderful that HostMonster is not only offering unlimited bandwidth but they are also offering unlimited disk space too. Just by paying the price of one account at HostMonster, you can host unlimited domains. You can also make unlimited email addresses. HostMonster also offers the free site builder feature too so you can design your own website for free. In the same account, you can make almost 100 MySQL data bases too. You should not worry about spam too because HostMonster has got secured servers to host your website.

Is HostMonster good for WordPress Hosting?

As I have stated above, HostMonster is a perfect hosting company if you want to run your website on WordPress. The idea of WordPress and other such open source applications was not in the thoughts of people when HostMonster started providing its hosting services in the online world. They provide great services features with the help of which you can easily host your WordPress website on their hosting server. We all know that WordPress doesn’t require a lot of technical specs to run properly. if you are good with coding and website designing then you can install WordPress on any hosting account but if you are one of those people who know nothing about website designing then you are better off with the hosting services of HostMonster. You will get cPanel control panel in HostMonster hosting. In cPanel, Fantastico app is installed by default. You can use this app to install WordPress on your domain with just one click of mouse.

Features and Data Plans

We know that disk space and bandwidth limit play an important role in the performance of your website. By paying only $5.95/ month to HostMonster, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

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