Hide Your Private Stuff With File Hide Pro Android App

Hide your files in android phones

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 01:20 am

If you have some private stuff like family pictures, your passwords, your important office files or if you have pictures of your girlfriend in your android phone then I’m sure your are looking for the way to hide that stuff from others. This android application which we will review here is important for everyone don’t matter if you are a businessmen or a student. Businessmen can use this application to hide their important files, passwords, contacts, emails. Husbands can hide their “affair photos” from their wife and almost anyone who think that someone is checking his/her phone regularly can hide private stuff. Below is the complete review of File hide pro.

Hide your files in android phones
Hide your files in android phones

1. Its features

Most important thing about this android applicati0n is that you can set a password for the hidden files and folders, So none will be knowing what’s you are hiding. Another best feature of File hide pro android app is that “its look like a tip calculator” but actually its developed to hide files from your SD card. So, its “two in one app” a tip calculator and a file hider. But remember you can only hide SD card content, like videos, PDF files, pictures, saved pages and other things.

2. How to set it up

After installation File Hide Pro will be placed in the menu as a “Tip calculator”. When you will click on app icon in the menu then as “calculator will be opened” with different features. But on the top of the screen there will be the title of the app “Tip Calculator”. Tap and hold on the title to open File hide pro android app. This is the main feature of the application that nobody can expect that “some files are hidden in a calculator”.

Access to file hide pro
Access to file hide pro

After taping on the title of the app first time users will see a empty screen with a message “list is empty, click on the folder icon to add files and folders”. As given click on the “folder icon” on the top right of the screen as shown in the picture below to open the SD card content, then select files and folders to add them in File Hide Pro.

Hide list
Hide list

After adding them in the list there is a further step to hide those files and folders, now you can hide them all by tapping on the “Hide All Option” at the bottom on the screen or you can hide some among them by choosing manually.

3. Enable Password

Before start using this android application you should enable password for it because someone may accidentally tap on the title in “Tip calculator” and can see your hidden stuff but when you have enabled password for that then your hidden data will remain safe. To set a password go in to the setting in the app and then enable password, you can change the password in future but can’t recover that if you forget it.

After setting a password
After setting a password

4. Plus Point

Plus point of this android app is that you can also use is to calculate tip in the restaurants. You can set “number of people and can also set the percentage for tip you want to give waiter”.

5. Pros and Cons

Pros for this app is that you can hide important files, pictures, videos and even the whole folder with only one tap and the negative point for File Hide Pro is that, sometimes hiding something may get you in trouble, for example, when you are cheating your wife.

6. Price and download link

App is free to download and its available in android app store. You can download it from the link below.

available at android app store

So, this is the short review of a best and must have android app which is File Hide Pro. With the help of which you can hide your important files in your phone. We hope you will like the stuff but stay in touch with us for more tips and tricks.

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