Have we found new Apple in the form of China’s Xiaomi?

Xiaomi - China

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 10:00 pm

Many of you may not have heard about the name of this company but let me tell you that, at this moment in china, Xiaomi is the company that is giving a touch competition to not only Apple but many other smartphone making companies as well.

Xiaomi  - China
Xiaomi – China

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It’s been only three years since the company has launched in China and at this time, its value is more than $4 billion. It has got a loyal fan support just like Apple and they are crazy enough to skip their job in order to stand in line for buying the latest smartphone introduced by company.

If you will look at the founder of this company, Lei Jun, you will figure out that he dresses just like Steve Jobs (late). He usually wears jeans and black top. That guy has really got his customer wrapped around his finger by using the same advertisement tactics that are used by Apple and guess what; they don’t make cheap smartphones too.

Xiaomi Smartphones china
Xiaomi Smartphones china

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Lei have always been very active in the field of technology and before starting the Xiaomi, he was involved in early internet scenes of China. He has also been a part of startups like joyo.cn which was later sold to Amazon.

Lei were born in Xiantao, which is a small town in the central province called Hubei of China. This place is usually famous for producing athletes but this time, we have found a technocrat coming out of that place. For Lei, Steve Jobs was a big inspiration as he also says, “China’s media say I am China’s Steve Jobs.”

“I will take this as a compliment but such kind of comparison brings us huge pressure,” said Lei, who grew up assembling radios as a hobby. “Xiaomi and Apple are two totally different companies. Xiaomi’s based on the Internet. We are not doing the same thing as Apple.”

Hot Sales and Fans

Looking at the record, Xiaomi has already sold more than 300,000 models of its latest smartphone that was introduced in October. If you will take a look at the specs of Xiaomi phone 2, you will realize that it is quite similar to Samsung Galaxy SIII and also Apple’s iPhone 5 but the biggest selling point for that smartphone is that it is priced at only $370.

You must keep in mind that Xiaomi is not the only smartphone manufacturing company in China as this country is filled with so many well-known companies like Lenovo Group, Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp. Still, in just three years, Xiaomi has been able to earn so much fame and money which is impressive and we find such examples very rarely in today’s world. On October 30, first batch of 50,000 Xiaomi phones was launched and the entire batch was sold out in a few minutes which itself is a world record.

“We’re not a company that chases sales volume. We chase customer satisfaction. We look for ways to give the customer a great surprise,” Lei said.

Will you give Xiaomi a chance if a smartphone from the same company was available in your country?

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