GTA 5 – Everything Australians Need to Know


GTA 5 (Grand theft auto 5) is known as one of the most anticipated game in 2013 which is going to be release on 17 September, 2013. Other than missions of the game, all the players will have interesting activities. Interesting thing about Grand Theft Auto 5 is that it is one of the most expensive game in history.



Grand Theft Auto is already considered as popular game in gaming world and with the release of this new version it will soon on the top because this game is carrying something which the players have never expected ever before.

During this game, all the players will be able to visit the strip club. If they behave properly to security guards at strip club, they will be able to get more points. Multiplayer option is available in this game and players are able to play sport games like golf tennis against other players. They can also be able to view movies/films by going to movie theatre. This shows that how much developers work hard on this game and make it look as real one.

First time in this game, RockStar has brought the good feature of stealing the plane and fly it where ever you want with other players. One more interesting element which is added to GTA 5 game is ‘Marijuana’, through which players will be able to manage their own medical clinics and can smoke also. After smoking up, the screen will become a little disoriented to let the player to show its feeling. Also the ATMs machines feature is present in this game which adds something extra to GTA 5.

The trailer of Grand theft auto 5 was recently launched by the RockStar games in order to bring the more excitement and if you are planning to get this, you can pre-order GTA 5 game from the official website of Grand Theft Auto 5.

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