Google Plus introduces Communities – Focusing On Your Personal interests

Google+ Communities
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Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 09:59 pm

It’s been more than a years since Google+ was launched by Google and from day 1, they have been trying their best to improve its design and features so one day, Google+ can become the biggest social media platform on the internet. So far, nothing like this happened but the new changes brought in Google+ by Google are really impressive. The latest development in Google+ sector is the introduction of Communities.

Google+ Communities
Google+ Communities

If you have been using Facebook then you must be aware about the groups that are made on Facebook. To compete with that feature, Google+ has come up with its own version of groups called Communities. All those who have used Orkut, know much about communities because I remember using communities at Orkut for the first time. That was really a fun thing to do as you could make your own community, invite people to join that community and have fun. That was just like a forum as users were able to start the topics of their own choice and have fun with their friends.

The same thing is about to happen on Google+ now as people from differ walks of life, sharing same interests can gather at one place and discuss things that they like. I personally like the idea of communities on Google+ and definitely, I’m going be part of many communities that will come into being in next few days. I might also start my own community with some of my friends as well.

One question that you may have in your mind is; this is the same thing that we do in circles, right? Well, in circles, you divide people as per your choice just like you keep your Facebook friend in different lists. While in a community, you can communicate with all those people that are not in your circles and that sounds great. In this way, you will be able to make new friends, have some fun time with people on Google+ and talk about a topic of common interest.

Community is completely different from a circle. If you will add me on any of you Google+ circles then you will see my public updates appearing at your timeline. However, if you join a community, you will only be able to able to see new messages when you enter that community. If you haven’t opened the community page, you will not see any updates from any member of that community.

If you want to learn more about Google+ and communities on this social media network then you have to start experimenting. Before writing this post, I have already created different test communities on my profile and I have sent requests to so many people to join my community. This is going to be a fun experience for me and I also encourage you to make some communities and add your friends into hose communities.

Do you like the idea of communities at Google+ or you are against it? Whatever you think, share with us in the comments section?

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