How To recover Google Plus id Suspended

google+ id suspended
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Last updated December 22nd, 2014 at 12:59 am

Google Plus has become the third biggest social network all over the world in a couple of years and it is definitely a big success for a new venture in the internet world. Well, the credit must be given to Google for promoting their new social network and letting people find an alternative easily. Just like other social networks, there are rules that you have to follow on Google Plus. For instance, you are not supposed to use abusive language, you should not spam other’s timeline with irrelevant posts. You should be posting the same stuff on your timeline again and again. The list goes on but the problem occurs when you ID gets suspended.


While you can share your photos, videos and thoughts with your followers and friends in different circles, taking part in an offensive act can get your Google Plus ID Suspended too. So, you should be careful while using Google Plus because getting your ID back or recovering it is not an easy thing to do. In some case, you may be able to recover your ID in a few hours but in certain cases, it can take up to days.

google+ id suspended

How To recover Google Plus id Suspended

The Error Message

You will not be given a warning about your account being suspended in future. If Google will suspect that you have breached their user policy, they will not waste a single second to suspend your profile. An error message will be shown on your screen when you will be trying to share a post. Many people don’t have an idea about the suspension of their profile but receiving an error message is the first hint.

google plus id suspended message

Google Plus id Suspended Message

There are different reasons for which your Google Plus profile may get suspended. For instance, you may have posted something offensive and it might have been reported by someone to Google. In some cases, a Google Plus profile is suspended due to name policy. If you disobey the User Content and Conduct Policy, your account will definitely be suspended. In most of the case, a message appears on the screen that states, “Your profile is suspended pending review”. It means that you can get your profile back but you will have to follow the right process.

Your profile is suspended pending review

How To recover Google Plus id Suspended

The good news is, getting back your Google Plus profile is not a big deal. By going through a reviewing process, you can easily get your profile back. Google Plus will tell you which posts in your profile are violating the Google’s user conduct policy. You should click on the Down Arrow key on the post so the process can be completed.

In a drop down menu, you will find a list of different options. You should click on “Delete This Post”. This will delete that post and you will start the cleaning process of your Google Plus profile.

delete this post google plus

In the next step, a popup window will open in front of you. This window will ask you to confirm your action. You should click on the “Delete” button in that menu so the post can be deleted permanently.

Once the post will be deleted, you will be presented with another message. You should click on Dismiss button so the deletion process can be completed.

If there are more than one post that are violating Google’s policies then you should delete them all by using the same above technique.

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