Google Nexus 7 (16GB)

Google Nexus 7 (16GB)

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 10:46 pm

Google is really rocking the smartphone and tablets market not only with the help of its great OS called Android but also with the tablets that it is introducing in the market these days. Today, we are going to review another tablet introduced by Google called Google Nexus 7. This device has a sharp screen, a very comfortable design and most importantly, it has got a great battery life. The latest Android OS 4.2 Jelly Bean is installed in the device and of course, you can install countless apps from Google Play Store. The only thing that you may not like about this tablet is that it comes with Android OS and we all know that Android is not that best when it comes to tablet computers. Many apps will not work properly in tablets because of screen ratio issue. Over all, Nexus 7 is a great device that anyone would love to buy. Not only it has some great specs but the price is very low as well. What do you need more when you can buy Google Nexus 7 (16 GB) in just $199?

Google Nexus 7 (16GB)
Google Nexus 7 (16GB)


When you look at Google Nexus 7 for the first time, you will get an impression of another black colored tablet that is here to compete other black colored tablets in the market. However, this device has really got something great in it. I would not give good marks based on the look of this device but the design is not beatable by anyone as it has unique features. I must say that this device feels really awesome when you hold it.

Latest OS

If you have already used Android 4.0 or 4.1 then you must be expecting something good from the latest version of Google’s Android OS. The good news for tech savvy users is that, Nexus 7 comes with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. This is the first ever tablet to get this OS so we can expect it to work properly as well. The 4.2 Android OS aka Jelly Bean has some new updates and it look better than the previous version too. You can find the application tray at bottom of the Home Screen so you can access you most important apps easily.

New Features

If you will review Android 4.2 then you will realize that it has got some great features too. Google has really upgraded this version of OS. The updates are kind of cool and I personally like them a lot. The update that I like the most is gesture type feature which will replace Swype a third party app. Now, you can use gesture of your hands to type whatever you want. It predicts the right word most of the times but sometimes it can have trouble picking what you are trying to type.

Multi User Support

Now this is something that I call a really up gradation. I always wanted to use my tablet like my personal computer where I can make different user accounts. Finally, you can make different user profiles in Android 4.2 which is available in Google Nexus 7 only at the moment.

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