Google I/O Live Streaming Show – Highlights


Google’s 2013 I/O Conference held in the San Francisco on May 15 but soon it became the topic which was discussed the most. So based on its popularity we bring some of its main highlights who missed it. The event started at 9am PT/noon ET in the morning and people were found keen to have its full coverage. These people have come up with Google I/O Live Streaming Show and has made it available for those not attending the event.



Google I/O Event

Google has used its biggest platform i.e. Google I/O Event for revealing its BIG THINGS. This time the event is running on a single keynote whereas it has been seen that previously Google ran two separate keynotes. The Google I/O event took a start with a two-and-a-half-hour long keynote that affirms to have lots and lots of juicy Google news.

entry hall IO13

The three hour long Google I/O Event came up with some new devices during the keynote speech. These three whopping hours brought to the limelight Google’s plans and happenings. Last year the skydiving antics added thrill to the event, but so far for this recent event we haven’t heard the thing which set the bar high. However, the major announcements that Google made for its new devices caught the audience.


The major announcements included a bit about Google+, the Launch of the next version of Google Talk/Hangouts, Compute Engine, Google Glass etc. Google Glass, last year, got the spotlight and this time again it stands up high. Apart from this, Google also revealed the new version Android, Google Maps, 41 new features to its Google Plus network, Google Play Music All Access and a stock version of Android for Samsung Galaxy S4.


This event, hosting an audience of 6,000 engineers, entrepreneurs and media, made them witness all such updates and it unfolds its platform. The event also unveiled to them that the Android operating system gets activated on 900 million devices. These devices are made by Samsung Electronics Co., HTC Corp and other manufacturers. However, last year these devices numbered 400 million.


Thus under Google I/O Live Streaming Show article we have seen quite a complete coverage of the Google I/O 2013 developer Conference keynote which reveals to us the BIG THINGS of Google.

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