Google Drive vs. Dropbox

Google Drive vs. Dropbox
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Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 10:41 pm

Many of you will be using Google Drive for online file synchronization and many others will be using Dropbox. I know that there are many other cloud storage solutions available on the internet but in this post, we are going to compare and review Google Drive and Dropbox that are the biggest players of cloud storage industry at the moment.

Google Drive vs. Dropbox
Google Drive vs. Dropbox

Desktop sync

Both the systems are offering desktop synchronization which means that you can upload and download your files from your computer, there is no need to access the website at all.

I don’t find much different in the way both these system synchronize your files using their desktop clients. Either you are using Google Drive or Dropbox; you can simply download the desktop application in your computer and install it. It will create and additional folder in your computer so you can save your files directly there.

One thing that I don’t like about Google Drive is that, it will open all your documents in Google Docs but I really don’t like working in Google Docs at all. That is why I prefer using Dropbox because I can open and edit files in my favorite program installed on my computer.

Web access

As a matter of fact, Google Drive is not very new as it is an extended version of Google Docs that has been offered by Google since a long time. However, if you want to access your files on the internet then it is very easy in both the programs. All you need to do is to access the website and find the files that you have saved on cloud server. I personally like the user interface offered by Dropbox but I’m not saying that Google sucks in this case. Both the companies have a unique set of services and user interface when it comes to web access and you will definitely love using any of them.

File Sharing

File sharing is the main reason why people want to use cloud storage services. Again, you can share files very easily with the help of Google Drive or Dropbox. I personally like sharing files through Dropbox because I can even share files with those who are not Dropbox users as well. In case of Google Drive, you can share files with those people that are also using this services. You can easily get a download link from your Dropbox account and send this link to your friends so they can download the file easily.

Mobile apps

In today’s world, a cloud storage service is nothing without a god mobile App. You can install mobile application for both these services in your mobile phone. However, Dropbox has an edge in this case because it has mobile application available for almost all kind of mobile operating systems. On the other hand, Google Drive is also available on major mobile operating systems but in less quantity as compared to the Dropbox.

Are you using any of these cloud storage services? If you are using any of these or other services, please share your experience with us in comments section.

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