Google Drive Update – Users can share files via Google+ now

Google Drive
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There was a time when only Dropbox was considered as the best option for cloud computing. Not only it is free to use to some extent but it also offers great support. You can download and install Dropbox in your computer and share files from your computer without opening a browser window. Not only that, you can also sync your Dropbox account with other devices so the files are saved simultaneously on different devices. The same features and more free space are provided by Google drive that was launched this year. In the beginning, I was very much excited to get my hands on Google drive but as soon as I started using the service by Google, I was quite disappointed. It was not what I had expected it to be so decided to stick with Dropbox unless Google comes up with some updates. Well, the updates that I have been looking for have not arrived yet but there is some advancement that you might have noticed recently.

Google Drive
Google Drive

If you are a Google+ user and you happen to have an account on Google drive as well then you can share your files on Google Drive directly from your Google+ profile. This is the new feature that has been introduced by Google. This really makes workplace collaboration very easy and smooth.


If you have any files stored in your Google Drive, you can get a link of it and share it with your followers and friends on Google+. This file can be anything from a folder, a text document, a spreadsheet, a presentation or any other thing that you would like to share with your friends on social media.

Once you will share the link to file, your Google+ contact will be able to see a thumbnail of the file and also open it in a new window to see the content of the file.

There are different ways through which a user can open files on Google+. You can copy the URL of file saved in Google Drive and share it directly as your Google+ status update. You can directly share files from Google Drive to Google+ as the feature has been added by Google.

However, sharing a file on Google+ doesn’t mean that anyone will be able to have access to it because only limited users to whom you have approved can see the file and its content. Still, sharing a confidential file this way is not a good idea at all. You can select which contacts should see your shared file and which should not see it at all.
If you are using Google Drive and Google+ at your workplace in collaboration with Google Apps then you can restrict the viewing of that file to the people in your organization only.

I must say that this is a great addition in Google Drive by Google and I highly appreciate it. Now, sharing files with my colleagues and friends over Google+ has become a lot easier. You should also give this feature a try.

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