Google Celebrating Its 15th Birthday With 1998 Look

Google's 15th birthday celebrations with Doodle game

Its Google’s 15th birthday and Google celebrating it with a 1998 look. Yes! now you can have look on Google 1998 look.

Google's 1998 look


For that you just have to Google “Google in 1998” and than you will be taken 15 years back from now. You will get the same look shown in the picture below.

Google's 15th birthday celebrations with Doodle game

Moreover Google’s 15th birthday celebrations also include a “doodle game”. In Doodle game players have to hit pinata star with a multicolor stick to win candies in return.

Play the game open Google homepage and click on the doodle, game will be started and Google will also gives you instructions before playing. So, that’s how Google is celebrating its 15th birthday.

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