Google Announces Android Studio At Google I/O 2013


Google I/O 2013 Event brings with it some thrilling and pumping announcements. The Android Studio is its one such major announcement that caught the attention of all. Yes, Google Announces Android Studio At Google I/O 2013 is a huge reveal. Google has brought to the limelight a new development environment for Android i.e. the



 Android Studio.

The Android Studio

Google has yet not revealed all the changes made to the app development environment, but has unveiled some of the major features. One big feature revealed is layout tools which will aid developers make apps for different devices and tablets. The development console will reflect some major changes made to the app and these real time changes will improve the developer console.


The Android Studio will be comprised of a section for optimization and development tips. There will also be an app translation service which will help developers to get professional translations. Google has also announced  referral tracking in its Android Studio that will help developers in knowing the useful Add for effective promotion of their apps.


Apart from this there is also an Analytics service that has been provided and a revenue graph also shows up here. Developers get various test versions of apps and offers BETA testing for their apps.  This service will let the developers roll out test versions of apps even before they get a public release.


The Android Studio is the latest service which is expected to bloom. And Google announces it at its annual developer conference. Google I/O event reveals this and has put many eyeballs static at this Launch. Besides this major heart throbbing announcement, Google has also brought to the table Google Live Streaming, Google Play Education and many others that are ready to heat up the ultra-tech market. This is believed quite an aspiring step taken by Google and has provided a push to the technology.

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