7 Best gadgets for Christmas 2014


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Christmas is just around the corner. With Christmas comes a season of joy and celebration. Who does not love the Holiday season. Holiday season brings the jingles of expectations and happiness. Just the thought of warm and cozy family holidays make the toes curl. Every Christmas season, there comes a time of making difficult decisions and choosing one out of many as well, yes we are talking about the dilemmas of what gifts to give to whom. Given below are some “best gadgets for Christmas 2014” to make it easier for you to make a decision.


7 Best gadgets for Christmas 2014

gadget for Christmas # 1 : Graef Electric Espresso Maker

This is a sleek and smart espresso coffee maker machine. It has a steel finish and is really good for making coffee on the go. What’s even greater is that it’s a budget buy meaning you don’t have to go overboard with spending too much and still make your gift worth it. It’s an ideal gift for a homemaker.


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gadget for Christmas # 2 : Kindle Voyage

For all those avid readers out there who can’t live a day without a book, this is an ideal pick. It can be ordered easily from Amazon. This is a good buy under $250 as it comes equipped with a sturdy battery and has a battery life worth mentioning. What’s more is that the screen of this E-reader is really well equipped as well.


gadget for Christmas # 3 : Garmin Fenix GPS Watch

A perfect pick for the outdoorsy friend who loves to go on hikes. This watch has a state of the art GPS tracker which provides a sensitive navigation. This watch is waterproof up to 50 meters and is available for under $450. The quality and versatility of this device make it one of the best gadgets for Christmas 2014.


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gadget for Christmas # 4 : iPad Air 2

A sleek tablet with functions and performance which are commendable. You can never go wrong with an Apple product. A perfect gift for a professional in your family or friend circle. This gift will certainly make somebody’s day.


gadget for Christmas # 5 : Sunrise Simulator Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is different from the rest because it does not use a loud banging noise to wake you up. But has a new and unique system which allows it to coordinate with the time zone you’re in and makes the sun rise on the preferred time. This is a beautiful gift which could come in handy for someone who has to get up early everyday, they can now wake up with a style. With price under $200 this is a budget pick.


gadget for Christmas # 6 : 3D Printing Pen

This pen is unique in it’s ability to squirt a hardening gel which is ideal for designing 3D models of structures and is ideal for architectural designing. This is a fun gadget which can be gifted to anyone with interest in crafts.


gadget for Christmas # 7 : Bose Soundtrue Headphones

Bose is a name synonymous with quality gadgets. This particular headset claims to make the quality of sound better and has a good positive feedback which refers to the fact that the claims are true. This is a good and handy pick at the cost of $150.


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We hope you’ll have fun picking the gifts up!


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