25+ Best Funny Movies for Kids 2017/18 Watch One Time

If you are searching for the best entertainment with your kids then you are at the right place. This list includes all types of movies; superheroes, princess tales, adventurous and funny. You will also enjoy these movies.

We have not just selected the latest movies but we have selected all time movies which includes both latest and 90’s “movies for kids”. These movies will surely give a positive message to your kid which will also put a positive affect to your kid’s life.

25+ Best Funny Movies for Kids 2016

Girl or Boy both will enjoy these movies. Buy these movies right now from online shops or places near to you. Some movies are emotional while some movies have a cultural touch which will help your kids to learn their culture. You may not know about many of the movies in this list but now you will know about them. Bought some pop corns for your kids or cookies for them and watch movies with them.

You will see a number of blockbuster movies in this list; like The Lion King, Cinderella and many more. We may have missed some of your favorite movies. Now scroll down and start enjoying the list. We hope you will enjoy our post and share it with your friends and relatives so that they can have a good time with their kids too. If you find us wrong anywhere please give your opinion. Enjoy list of “25+ Movies That Every Kid Should Watch”.

1.The Lion King

At number one we have one of the greatest from Disney “The Lion King”. It was released in 1994. We know you have watched this movie but your kid has not and he will learn many things from it after watching.=> Watch Now


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2.The Muppet Movie

The Muppet Movie  was released in 1979. In this movie the frog is decided to follow a movie career. It is a funny and musical movie. It will be good movie if you are looking for funny movie. => Watch Now


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3.Toy Story Series

Toy Story is one of the most watched animated movie of all time. It has three parts; Toy Story 1, 2 and 3, 4th part will be released in 2018. The first part was released in 1995.=> Watch Now


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4.Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web was released in 2006. It is a story of young pig, a spider and their friends. Kids will learn about friendship from this movie and they will also enjoy the story.=> Watch Now


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5.Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast  was released in 1991. It is a fantasy and romantic movie. It is one of the blockbuster of 90’s. In this movie and still people are not enough of this movie.=> Watch Now


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Cinderella was released in 1950. It was one of the money machine for Disney. It is a story of a beautiful girl who has has step mother and two jealous step sisters. It is a fantasy and romance movie.=> Watch Now


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WALL-E was released in 2008. In this movie WALL-E is on a mission to bring back the earth people back to earth.=> Watch Now


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Frozen was released in 2013. It is a comedy and fantasy movie. In this movie two new princesses were inducted in Disney princesses Elsa and Anna. It was one of the blockbuster movie of the year.=> Watch Now


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9.The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie was released in 2014. It was fantasy and adventurous movie. Your kids has just only played with Lego but now they will watch them acting in The Lego Movie.=> Watch Now


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10.Despicable Me

Despicable Me  was released in 2010. It was a comedy movie. Minions were introduced for the first time in this movie.=> Watch Now


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11.Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was released in 1937, nearly 80 years ago today but still one of the most wonderful animated movie. It was fantasy and romance movie.=> Watch Now


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12.The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music was released in 1965. It was a drama film based on a real life of  Von Trapp Family singers.=> Watch Now


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13.The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid was released in 1989. It was the romantic and fantasy movie. It was the story of mermaid who has a very beautiful voice and fallen in love with the prince who is human.=> Watch Now


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14.The Sandlot

The Sandlot was released in 1993. It is a comedy and sports movie. In this movie it’s all about baseball and friendship.=> Watch Now


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15.A Little Princess

A Little Princess was released in 1995. It was a drama and fantasy film. It was a story of little girl whose father sent her to boarding school before going to World War 1.=> Watch Now


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16.Inside Out

Inside Out was released in 2015. It was a fantasy and comedy movie. This movie is all about never giving up on something.=> Watch Now


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Paddington was released in 2014. It was a fantasy and comedy movie. It is a story of a bear who lost his house in earthquake and make his way to London in search of new home.=> Watch Now


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18.Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins was released in 1964. It is a musical and comedy movie. The movie has 17 songs.=> Watch Now


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19.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was released in 2005. It was a fantasy movie. Johnny Depp acted as a Willy Wonka in this movie.=> Watch Now


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20.Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland movie was released in 2010. It was the remake of old animated version of Alice in Wonderland. It was a fantasy and adventurous movie.=> Watch Now


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21.The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book  animated movie was released in 1967. It also had a TV series. It was a story of a little kid who was raised in jungle by wild animals.=> Watch Now


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22.The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride was released in 1987. It was a fantasy movie. It was a story of young woman and her love.=> Watch Now


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Tangled was released in 2010. It was a fantasy and a comedy movie. It was a story of a princess who was living in tower for 18 years and most wanted man of the kingdom Flynn Rider.=> Watch Now


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24.How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon was released in 2010. It was a fantasy movie. It is a story of an Island where fighting dragons is a way of life.=> Watch Now


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25. Jumanji

Jumanji was released in 1995. It was a fantasy and thriller movie. A magical game board take 2 young kids to the adventure of their life.=> Watch Now


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We hope you have enjoyed our list and now please share it with your friends and relatives and let them know about this list too. If you find us wrong anywhere then please tell us about this.

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