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Last updated October 22nd, 2017 at 06:21 pm

Free baby samples are those baby products which companies offer to the distributors to check out the first samples of every new product they manufacture.


Not only baby products manufacturing companies do this to test their first samples of the new products but every company offer first samples of their products or services for testing.

Free Baby Samples are mostly given by the companies to the departmental stores or to the doctors who later distribute those samples into their customers or clients.

If you are unable to find free baby samples than don’t worry because today we are going to tell to about some places and ways which can help in getting free baby products online and offline.

1. Google It

You are reading this guide through an internet connection, Right? Than don’t you search for free baby samples online? Many companies are offering these types of products online without any cost. Google is your biggest source of finding anything online, that’s why just Google “free baby samples,  get baby products free or any other related terms”. In return Google will tell you about some places where you will be able to get baby products without any cost.

free baby samples - google it

2. Visit Walmart Website Regularly

For getting free baby samples online you should also regularly visit Walmart’s official website. Walmart’s website have a page for free samples only. Regularly check that page, bookmarking the page will be the best option. But what types of product can you expect as free samples on Walmart? Mostly free sample on walmart are shampoos, cosmetics, baby diapers, greeting cards and more. Most of the free baby samples there are registered by the users within hours, that’s why regularly check their website. Registering for a free sample there is very simple, you just have to give them you name and address and then final decision will be taken by walmart.

free samples at walmart


3. Visit Walmart stores near you

You can not only get free baby samples on walmart website but you can also get free samples of the popular products on Walmart stores near you. Walmart stores regularly organize “free sample events”, regularly get updates about those events and visit Walmart Stores to get free products.

walmart store


4. Visit Target Samples Page

People who want free baby samples should also visit Target samples page regularly. Just like Walmart samples page, Target also have a free samples page where anyone can request for free samples. If you want to checkout the latest free samples available at Target then visit this page. For requesting a product just click on “Request sample”, after that a new small windows will be opened in the browser with a little survey. After completing the survey target will ask for your mailing address, fill you address and wait for the sample.

sample spot at target website


5.  Start Sampling – Free baby samples

Start sampling is another website which offers free sample of the products which are used daily. Like shampoos, health care products, tea, diapers, cosmetics and other products. Just visit start sampling website and signup for their membership because only registered members can request for free samples. They also have some surveys and tryer miles, which can be used to get discount on the products listed on Start sampling.

Samples at start sampling - free baby samples

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6. Vocal Point

Vocal Point is another website which is offering free samples of many types of the products. Just visit Vocal Point website and register yourself their. After that you will be start getting emails from Vocal Point with small surveys, if you win than vocal point will mail you free samples of many products. But after trying the products vocal point will also ask the members for their experience about the free samples.

vocal point website

7. She Speaks

She Speaks is another programs related to Start Sampling and Vocal Point listed above. Visit she speaks website, sign up for their membership. Complete surveys available there and request for free samples including free baby samples like diapers, formulas and other products.

she speaks - product samples and reviews

8. Sign Up for different companies newsletters

To keep yourself updated with latest offers and discount related to free baby samples signup for the daily or weekly newsletter of different companies out there. Product manufacturing companies will always let their subscribers know about latest offers and discount, that’s its very important to signup for that.

sign up for newsletter

9. Ask your doctor or visit near hospitals or medical stores

By visiting near hospitals or medical stores you can find many types of free baby samples. Or just call your doctor and ask him for free samples if they have some they will surely give you those samples. Doctors always get many types of free samples from pharmaceutical companies and than they distribute those to their patients.

free baby samples - ask doctors


10.  Join Some Give-away website

Google about giveaway website and you will come to know about many website which will keep you updated about every type of freebies. Signup for their newsletter for better experience.

search google for giveaways

Last words about free baby samples

So, these are the some ways and places to get free baby samples online and offline. You will not only able to get baby products but you will also be able to get other types of products like shampoos, food items, cosmetics, shirts and other types of products. We hope you will like this list of places to get free baby samples but stay in touch with us for more information about freebies.

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