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flipboard 2.0

Android has been revolutionizing and reshaping our lives for quite sometime now. It has left behind all its competitors including iPhone and Windows when it comes to user friendly apps. Android apps are significantly influencing every walk of life may it be personal or professional. And apparently people are loving it. This year Android has brought tons of apps which are going to brighten up your day. Besides, whats a Smartphone if not loaded with different, quirky and cool apps? Flipboard- Magazine App is out for all those who want to keep themselves updated.

flipboard 2013


How does Flipboard Work:

Flipboard has a really simple job but it comes out to be very handy. After you get this app, Flipboard gets connected to all your social web-sites and convert the updates in the form of magazine, allowing you to easily flip through the pages. We know that anything that involves visual aid such as eye catching pictures is more fun to read. And that is what Flipboard does for you. All the messages and updates are changed into small pages with pictures and text. You can read them whenever you get time.

flipboard 2.0

Release Date and Response:

Initially the Flipboard- Magazine App was released in 2010. Later it was blocked by China in 2011. Previously available for iPhone, this app was also called as the ‘killer’ app by users and won the Best App award in 2010.

Flipboard app


Improved Version:

This year Flipboard has become bigger and better. Now it is available with an option to edit the magazine. You can add in the photos from your android smart device. You can also add the interesting and new items that you find while surfing through the internet. After the whole composition you can also share the link or make it private if you want.


In a nutshell Flipboard is a great app that keeps you updated with almost 12 social networking sites. It also gives you the pleasure of editing your own magazine, giving you inspiration from a number of samples already provided.

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