Five Reason’s For Joining Linkedin

Five Reason's For Joining Linkedin

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 10:16 pm

Linkedin is a social networking site which is basically used for professional work and the entire professional occupation worker’s work here. The website is available in 17 different languages. It is launched on May 5, 2003. It has nearly 2,447 employee’s and it’s headquarter is in California, US.

Five Reason's For Joining Linkedin
Five Reason’s For Joining Linkedin

It is world largest network over 187 million registered members and growing rapidly. LinkedIn help you to connect with trusted and professional people and you can share your idea with broader network. LinkedIn allow you to make a professional profile and make your identity over global and your name is on the top of search engine.  As 30 September, 2012 professionals are signing up so rapidly that in every one second there were two new members. Sixty-three percent of the member’s are located outside the US. More than 2.6 million companies have LinkedIn companies’ pages.

Here i will discuss five reasons for joining LinkedIn

1. Free To Join

It is a professional based website, which provide you a platform to introduce your business to the global world and the other professional’s which are working on the same project get the idea. Here experts are willing to share ideas with and you can work with better people without any cost.

2. Keep Your Profile Up to date

If you are on LinkedIn, update it, keep it up to date, have a picture (of you) if you are a name with couple incomplete profile you will not taken serious. Many times your profile is your first impression for your next job or carrier move. Your LinkedIn profile is a resume and should reflect “Professional You”. Given below screen shoot will guide you more about it.

3. Carrier Resourse

 Use LinkedIn as your “carrier recourse” you are never too old to learn new things. LinkedIn is a great networking site, for the internet marketing/jobs. LinkedIn is a great source for finding out what other companies are doing and how they work etc. People calls Facebook “friend” but LinkedIn is popularly known as “Connection”, but I called it “Reconnection” because it search engine suggest colleague/co-workers.

4. Join Different Group

 If you join a group in LinkedIn, so it is a best way for getting reviews/opinion from others professionals and your local business expand to worldwide through this. You can post a question ask the suggestion from other and ask what are you willing to do. Learn from other, only join those group which are related to your field, other group is only time waste for you.

5. Sign Up today

 If you want to make thousand’s of connection for your business, then this site is perfect for you. Re-collect with the people whom you worked with and your classmates too. Discover inside connection when you are looking for a job, or you want to start your personal business. Many people are willing to share advice and provide you ticks and trick’s for your new business, or for the any jobs you are willing to do. Don’t waste a second Sign up today and expand your business to the global world. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.