10 Best File Sharing Websites Free 2015

Top 10 File Sharing Websites

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:05 am

In this post we are going to talk about the best 10 file sharing websites. There are thousands of websites that allow you to share your files online but it doesn’t mean that you can use any of those websites. You must make sure that the website where you are sharing your files is a reputed one so your files remain safe there. Also, there are so many feature that you should keep in your mind before sharing any file on those sites. To make things simple and easy for you, I’m going to share a list of “top 10 2015 free file sharing websites” so you can share any information with your friends easily.


File Sharing Websites Free 2015

 10 Best File Sharing Websites Free 2015

Free File Sharing # 1-Files Tube

File Tube File Sharing Website

The very first website in our list is Files Tube. Of course, everyone knows about this website and perhaps, you are already using it to share files with your friends. There is nothing more I can say about it as it is the best of all.

Free File Sharing # 2-4Shared

4Shared File Sharing Website

I’m personally a big fan of 4Shared but if you are willing to use it for free then you will have to patient. Especially, if you want to find some files on this site and download them as a free user, you will have to wait for some time so download starts.

Free File Sharing # 3-Media Fire

Media Fire File Sharing Website

This is another online file sharing website that you can trust. They will allow you a 200MB of free space but you can buy more space at any time.

Free File Sharing # 4-Rapidshare

Rapidshare File Sharing Website

Well, who doesn’t know about this name? They have been in business since a long time now and almost everyone who uses internet actively uses their website to share files with their friends as well. You must give this website a try as it works like a charm.

Free File Sharing # 5-Dropbox

Dropbox File Sharing Website

Again, this is one of the websites that I’m a big fan of. It’s been three years since I’m using Dropbox and I cannot complain a little bit. I hope you understand what I’m talking about; this website is simply the best. You can get 2GB free space and if you refer to your friend, you can get 16GB more.

Free File Sharing # 6-Box

Box File Sharing Website

As the name suggest, this is an online file sharing website. Actually, it will be right to say that it is a complete cloud storage facility that you can obtain for free (to some extent).

Free File Sharing #  7-Hot File

Hotfile File Sharing Website

This is another name that you can trust. They let you upload a data of over 400MB for free at once. If you want to increase your limit then you will have to become a pro user.

Free File Sharing #  8-Uploading

Uploading File Sharing Website

You can get a complete idea from the name of this website. They offer you to upload your files on their server so you can share them with your friends and family easily. This website has really made my life easier.

Free File Sharing #  9-Deposit Files

Deposit File Sharing Website

If you want to upload a file size of 2GB then this is the website that I recommend. They are providing really great services and I have become a big fan of this website in s short period of time.

Free File Sharing #  10 –File Serve

Fileserve File Sharing Website

This is a very easy to use file sharing website. All you need to do is to sign up for a free account, upload the file that you want to share with your friends and then share the link so they can download it easily.

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