Few Basic step’s for a new member in LinkedIn

Basic step’s for a new member in LinkedIn

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 10:10 pm

LinkedIn is a professional based website which develop for the user to enhance their business and find different users for their work, basically this website is guideline for the one who don’t know how to start a business and it is also for those who are professional and want to extant their business and introduce their business to the global world. If you set up a profile in this website then it required many basic thing which a normal person don’t know, these basic things are the key, because these are the First impression. As it is an additional feature in LinkedIn that you can join different group for free these groups are very helpful and make your ideas in a broader way. Find a group of your type and category and also participate in different debates on these groups and learn from other professionals who are working on the same field and projects. You can also find a job, just make your profile up to date and make it look like a professional’s profile. Here I will discuss few things to set up these Basic things

Basic step’s for a new member in LinkedIn
Basic step’s for a new member in LinkedIn

Sign Up For Free

It is free to sign to this professional website, which is a golden opportunity for you to get the ideas/opinion and suggestions from other professional for free. Before signing up, you have to make mind that which field do you want to choose and to work with, only add those connections to your profile which is related to your field otherwise it will waste your precious time.


Add Your Custom URL

Always put that name to your LinkedIn profile which you were popularly known as. If you don’t customize this setting, then you were missing a golden opportunity because if you put your original name to your profile so it is easy for people to find you. SEO will produce higher page rank of your profile. To edit this, go to your profile and click ‘EDIT’ after that, there it was written as ‘PUBLIC PROFILE’ clicks EDIT again after that look at the top,  you’ll want to click ‘EDIT’ one more time next to your public ‘PROFILE URL’ there you will have to write your full name or the name which you were popularly known as. Look at the Image below, this look like a professional profile.



Follow Different Companies

Follow whom different companies to which you are interested and also with whom you working, this will help you to get each and every update of that as well as you were aware with different affairs of the company. You have a right to ask questions. Ask every thing which you want to ask and work with professionals. This is great platform for you to prove your talent and the jobs from different companies.

Reveal your Expertise

LinkedIn Answer is a best place for revealing your expertise because it is a place where you can easily share business ideas and ask on specific matter. By answering on matter you earn a lot of respect and credibility, the more you answer the more respect you gain and this will also help you to gain higher experts list.    

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