10 Fastest delivery in the Cricket History

World’s Fastest Deliveries in the Cricket History

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There are lots of very famous & fast bowlers in the history of cricket who made their names by their speed. Cricket is a game in which all the team works altogether and the fastest cricket bowlers can able to destroy any batting line-up on any kind of pitches. It is really hard to maintain a list of top ten fastest bowlers in the world as there are hundreds of names. In this post we aim to inform you about the top ten fastest bowler’s in the world of cricket who are really very great bowlers of all the time, who can bowl up to 161.3 km/h.


fastest delivery in the cricket history

10 Fastest delivery in the Cricket History

Let’s see you these bowlers:

Fastest Bowlers # 10. Lasith Malinga


Lasith Malinga, is a consistent performer in the Sri Lankan cricket team and considered as one of the match winning player. He joined the team in 2004, basically he is a right arm fast bowler and comes to number 10 with the help of his fastest delivery with the speed of 155.7km/h in 2011 at India.

Fastest Bowlers # 9. Dale Steyn

top_fast_bowler_Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn is in ninth position among the race of world deadliest delivery bowled players. He is an aggressive bowler and also has the ability of to swing the ball reverse. He opened his account from the South African side in 2005. Either it is a Test match, or One-day international or a T20, Steyn is found to be a consistent fast bowler.His fastest bowl was bowled with the 155.7km/h speed against New Zealand.

Fastest Bowlers # 8. Shane Bond

top_fast_bowler_lasith_Shane Bond

Shane Bond is the regular pacer in New Zealand cricket team. He has the ability to mix his speed with control and accuracy with incredibly consistent average strike rate of 20 runs per ten overs. In addition, Shane holds the holds the title of the fastest delivery with the speed of 156.4km/h in the 2003 world cup tournament.

Fastest Bowlers # 7. Muhammad Sami

top_fast_bowler_lasith_Muhammad Sami

Muhammad Sami, famous as a mini Malcolm Marshall. He is extra-ordinary performer of Pakistani team, with holding so many records and many great fast bowlers like Imran Khan and Wasim Akram appreciate his efforts. His best ever achievement is taking 5 wickets for only just 10 runs in 2003. His fastest bowl is estimated with the speed of 156.4km/h against Zimbabwe at Sharjah.

Fastest Bowlers # 6. Fidel Edwards


Edward started his one-day international career against Zimbabwe. His best performance is 6/22 in 7 overs. He made his agreement with Bangladesh Premier League on the cost of sixty thousand dollars. He was considered one of the great players of his time. Fidel Edwards of West Indies bowled his fastest bowl with the amazing speed of 157.7 km/h against S Africa in 2004.

Fastest Bowlers # 5. Andy Roberts

top_fast_bowler_lasith_Andy Roberts

Andry Robert was the first player who plays the test cricket for West Indies and also the member of the West Indies Selection panel in 2006 and an Indian team coach. Robert’s sets his record with his fastest delivery with the speed of 159.5km/h against Australia in 1975

Fastest Bowlers # 4. Jeffrey Thompson

top_fast_bowler_lasith_Jeffrey Thompson

Many great players of cricket admires Thomson bowling performance. For instance Sir Clive Lloyd of West Indies said that he is the fastest bowler that he has ever seen in his life. He can be able to pitch the bowl at the speed of 180km/h. This Australian legend comes in at fourth position with the delivery speed of 160.4km/h against West Indies in Perth 1975. He was one of the fastest bowlers of his time.

Fastest Bowlers # 3. Shaun Tait

top_fast_bowler_lasith_Shaun Tait

Shaun is the captain of T20 international cricket team represented in Australia and he is retired from One Day International cricket in 2011. He is a wonderful right arm fast bowler with plenty of variety in his bowling. He was a very economical bowler and had an average of 31.33. He bowled his fastest delivery with the express speed of 160.7 km/h against Pakistan in 2010 at Melbourne.

Fastest Bowlers # 2. Brett Lee

top_fast_bowler_lasith_Brett Lee

Lee is an excellent fielder and all rounder, as he is an average batsman and very fast bowler Australian fastest bowler, Brett Lee is on second position in cricket. He bowled his fastest delivery of 160.8 km/h 2005 against New Zealand in Napier.

Fastest Bowlers # 1. Shoaib Akhtar

top_fast_bowler_lasith_Shoaib Akhtar

The Rawalpindi Express stood in first place in fast bowling category. His most impressive performance was against India in their home ground in 1999 by taking 8 wickets. The fast bowler legend sets an official world record by delivering the fastest bowl with the speed of 161.3 km/h against England in 2003

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