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Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 08:23 pm

The approach to email by Google which is Gmail is most widely using email service in the world. It’s simple and yet really cool and its smart interface enhances the usability of the service. Gmail always comes up with new goodies and services. Now it is here with its new service of keyboard shortcuts for its users. These Gmail keyboard shortcuts are an awesome sauce. One can keep his hands on the keys instead of reaching out for the mouse. Well this will save precious time of yours. Also it has been observed that using keyboard shortcuts in lieu of the mouse action saves on average two precious seconds.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts
Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

 Of course it will take time to learn and memorize these shortcuts but once you have mastered it, you can extract the fullest use of it. There are even some smart plug-ins available which can make your work even easier. They can help you to learn to use these Gmail keyboard shortcuts. One of them is “key rocket” which keeps on recommending you keyboard shortcuts while you are using the service and thus effectively teaches you at the same time you work.

Advantages of these shortcuts?

Keyboard shortcuts provided by Gmail have turned out to be great time savers as one responds to, organizes, and composes emails using Google Gmail. The key combinations for shortcuts avoid you from having to reach out for the mouse, an action that usually lowers your typing speed and can even cause you to lose your focus and concentration.
Define your own shortcuts

This new service not only provides you with convenient keyboard shortcuts but also allows you to define your own keyboard shortcuts according to your use and convenience. You do not need to adapt to the inbuilt keyboard shortcuts. You can customize the keys to define your own shortcuts. This facility is available in your “settings” option once you have activated the Gmail keyboard shortcuts. This facility makes its users feel even more homey and comfortable with the shortcut service.

How can you enable keyboard shortcuts in Gmail?

One can follow the following set of easy steps to enable Gmail shortcut in their Gmail account.

 Simply sign in for Gmail account first and then click on “Gear” or “Options” button and then select “Mail Settings”.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts
Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Under the “General” tab, you will see that the feature of Keyboard Shortcuts would be off due to its default settings. Now turn this feature via selecting the “On” option.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts
Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Now click on “Save Changes”. Your keyboard shortcut is enabled.

Now your Gmail keyboard shortcut is enabled. You can now explore the features and make full use of this feature.
The Gmail keyboard shortcuts can save lots of your precious time on Gmail, which is very important and useful if you have a busy schedule (at work or personal) and receive many mails every day. Key combinations are also available for all the different actions one performs with a mouse. From sending an email to transferring an email from your Inbox to a different folder, you can use these shortcuts to make your time with your computer even more efficient.

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