Enjoy the Rhythm with Bayan 7


Music is said to be Food for Soul and there is a majority of people you can witness following this saying. For some it is the most important part of their every day lives. Such music lovers spend much in collecting gadgets relevant to music. Let it be songs collection, CDs, DVDs, or audio players. New version of such player by Bayan is available in market now. It is called Bayan 7.


Solid Design

Bayan 7 is fascinating with it’s strong solid looks. It is successor of Bayan 3 and Bayan 5. It is more gigantic as compared to both of these. It is not a personal kind of gadget, instead it is more like of something that will suit better in your living room or a table in some party going on.

Big In Size

Being 45cm x 30cm x 28cm in size and housing 6.84kg weight in it, it is huge, more masculine, and quite dominating gadget to own.

Technical Features

Bayan 7 has a 5-way 2.1 channel stereo speaker configuration. 1x 8in, 2x 2in full range, 2x 1in tweeter are the drive units that you will have in this spectacular audio player.

Two Channels

It has 2 iPod/iPhone docks for your ease. You can play from either of them. As you keep both slots busy, the system keeps on charging both iPods/iPhones at the same time. This can be a good considerable positive point for many of you. Also, you can play both docks simultaneously to have funk good music mixing for some party and enthusiastic event to rock.

If Music Is NOT On Apple Device!

On the back of the system, there is a USB slot present that you can use to power some tablet. Also, if you want to play some audio from a non-Apple device, this USB slot will be the solution!

Simplified Controls

The controls of the system are pretty handy for you. There are 2 automatic equalizer settings. One is for “Voice” adjustment while other one is for “Music” fixing. Voice settings are designed to produce more crisp and clear audio results. Music can woof up the bass and treble. You can adjust this with the help of remote control to the point where it feels right to you.

Adorable Sound Quality

The sound quality is good. Although it doesn’t shakes the floor with it’s bass, but still the low end it produces is pretty amazing and great. Mid and high end ranges are also well defined and produce good audio quality without any rough and annoying dominance.


It is available in Black and White colors for £300.


Bayan 7 is the best in it’s Bayan family. Though you may find more attractive options from other brands with even better sound quality assured, but for owning a mid-ranged audio system for your living room or having fun in a part of small bunch of friends, Bayan 7 is definitely your choice.

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