5 Best Engagement gifts ideas 2015


Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:00 am

Your friend just got engaged and you have no idea as to what is the best gift for them, then here is the hoard of ideas that will help you get “engagement gifts ideas 2015” special for your friend that will help your friend and remind him or her of you. A gift that creates memory along with utility is always appreciated. And if not that then something very special holds value. Not in monetary terms but in the hearts.


It gets absolutely overwhelming to pick out gifts for the various occasions that take place during your friend’s wedding and when it comes to engagement, you need to ensure that whatever you gift, is not the usual.

So here are some ideas on the gifts that can be the best for your pal’s engagement.

5 Best Engagement gifts ideas 2015

Gifts idea # 1 : Utensil set

As lame as it might sound, it is a perfect engagement gift for a friend who is about to start his or her life anew with a life partner. A beautiful set of utensils is an addition made to the new life awaiting your friend. This will always remind your friend about you and the fact that you care for him or her. A gift that holds special value and utility at the same time. It can either be a dinner set or a cutlery set or a baking set or a set of non stick cookware. Anything that you believe would be appropriate.

5 Best Engagement gifts ideas 2015

Gifts idea # 2 :  Eau de toilette

The perfect perfume is the perfect gift for your buddy. The mellow fragrance is the perfect gift that will remind your friend that you are there in their lives no matter what. Every spray would refresh their memories of you and lighten up their day. And not to forget, that a perfume is one gift that can make things right always. So how about getting one for your friend’s engagement?

Eau de toilette

Gifts idea # 5 : Cocktail Glasses

These add class, value and memories, all at the same time to your gift. A pair of cocktail glasses can be perfect for your friend and their life partner. Even better it would be, if you got the special cocktail glasses which have a mister and miss sign drawn upon the surface. A real classy gift idea for your friend’s engagement ceremony.

Cocktail Glasses

Gifts idea # 5 : Chocolates

Nothing can make things sweeter than chocolates. And if your friend likes them, then why not get some for them on their special day. You can get a gift basket of all assorted chocolates for your friend and make them realise that the sweeter it is, the better it gets.


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Gifts idea # 5 : Bed Accessories

Get a bed sheet and a pillow set which feels different yet amazing for your friend and you know your friend is going to love it. These are the gifts that are important and you can get specially customised bed sheets and pillow covers.

Bed Accessories

So with all these ideas at hand what you can do is that you can get the best of the presents for your friend and always stay in their hearts.

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