Easy Ways to Recover the Deleted Pages of Websites from Web


Last updated September 14th, 2013 at 11:30 pm

What will you do If your website pages get deleted?

Scenario 1: If you are a webmaster and lost the pages and the backup of your website after the crash of your web server.


Scenario 2: If you Google on any topic and find a link to a page which currently doesn’t exist on the Web (which returns a “404” Page Not Found error).

Whatever the scenario is, you can recover the lost page or even recover the complete website from the caches of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and WayBack Machine of Internet Archive.

Recover the Deleted Pages of Websites from Web

You can manually recover the deleted page or may use already available software.

How can I manually recover the deleted pages of a website from web?

recover the deleted pages of a website
recover the deleted pages of a website

If you want to recover a deleted page of a website manually, you have to go through some steps:

Step 1: Search the page through all the major search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo).

If a copy of the page is found in the cache of the search engine

Step 2: Click on the link to the cache of the page you will recover it.

If a copy of the page is not found in the cache of the search engine

Step 3: Search for the page at Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. And click on the link available on the most recent cached year.

If the page is not there then maybe the page did not exist in the past or maybe it was not crawled.

How can I recover the deleted pages of a website from web using software?

There is no problem for recovering few pages of websites manually but for a large number of pages of a website it is time consuming and may be sometimes impossible. If you want to ease your task you can use different tools available in the internet. The most widely used tool is the Frank McCown made Warrick. This tool was made at Harding University by Frank McCown to help the webmasters whose data have gotten lost or for the information seekers to reconstruct any website automatically.

Introduction to Warrick

Warrick is a Perl made tool which recovers a website by restoring it from various sources including Google, Bing, Yahoo and Archive.org. Both the Linux and Windows version of the software is available in the internet.

warrick website recovery
warrick website recovery

How to use Warrick

It is one of the easiest software to use. You just have to type the website URL and when the recover process will be over you will be notified by an email from Warrick.You can use the online service of Warrick or the Pearl source of the Warrick can be downloaded and run locally. If more than one repository has the same web page, the recent saved page will be saved by Warrick.

Time taken for recovery

For few pages the recovery can be done fast but for a large website the process may take some extra time.

At last:

Accidentally or by any way if you overwrite or delete your web page, run the Perl script made Warrick fast before your site cache gets replaced by a new cached copy got by any search bots after the re-crawling of the site.

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