Dropbox Hits 100 Million Users

Dropbox Hits 100 Million Users
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Last updated September 14th, 2013 at 11:48 pm

According to Dropbox, they have hit a mark of 100 million customers. This is indeed a very big success for a company like Dropbox that is into a business of offering cloud storage services. They announced in a press release that they have hit a big milestone by achieving the target of 100 million customers.

Dropbox Hits 100 Million Users
Dropbox Hits 100 Million Users

The most customers that they have gained during anytime are the last one year. According to the company, if anyone wants to start using cloud storage service, they prefer Dropbox over any other company or service. People are becoming aware about using cloud storage facility day by day and that is the main reasons why they have quadruple their users in just one year.

Dropbox not only celebrated the milestone at their headquarters but they also shared the pictures of their customers who congratulated them on achieving this great success. The customers have been sharing stories about themselves and how they use Dropbox in their daily life to simply it. I personally use Dropbox and I have no fear in admitting that my life has become a lot easier since Dropbox has come into my life. The company is celebrating the great success but the co-founder and CEO of Dropbox, Mr. Drew Houston says that they have only begun their journey.

“Even 100 million is still at a single dot percentage of the people we could reach,”

said Houston in an interview with the New York Times.

The company was launched in 2008 and since that time, they have been fighting against touch competition. In the beginning, there were no big players in this market but with the passage of time, big boys like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft have also joined the battle. It clearly shows how much competition alone Dropbox has to face in this field. Still, they have managed to earn 100 million customers. If we take a look at the cloud storage service offered by Google and Microsoft, it looks pretty impressive too but Dropbox has been successfully able to make its name popular in this industry already.

“All of those companies have the same problem,” says Houston in an interview with BusinessWeek. “They want to put all your life into their ecosystem. It’s more and more places where all of your stuff can get stuck.”

“Those companies are busy trying to build something we had four years ago,” added Houston. “We’re out front. We’re already out there and building smaller features and things. All those other companies have turf to protect, and they’re fighting a battle on a totally different front.”

It can be said that the development in smartphone market has driven more and more people to use these services over last couple of years. The reason why I started using Dropbox was also the same. I wanted to be able to store all my files on my computer as well as on all my portable devices.

Apple may have 190 million iCloud users but if those customers want to find their files on all kind of devices then Dropbox is a better option for them.

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