Dropbox Android App- The Most Users Friendly App


All the youngsters out there imagine your life without sharing your every moment with your friends! Certainly how colorless it would be. So to spread colors in your life, easy- android has brought for you the Dropbox App. Save all your stuff including photos, videos and documents in it and access it where ever and whenever you want.


Dropbox app


How to Use Dropbox:

To use this app you need to make an account which would be accessible by you only. This can be done either from the app or from the website. So, this app also provides protection. Your stuff remains safe and out of reach from every intruder.

Dropbox serves as a simple and fast interface between your mobile, laptop and android tablet allowing you to upload or download your documents. All the things you download ends up in your Dropbox. You can make a list of your favourites for easy access.



It is not just about saving; rather it is a lot more than that. You can download the songs and play them as per your choice. Not just this, but with a little addition you can synchronize and download multiple songs. All you need to do is add MusicDropNPlayLite and then simply drop your songs in its list. Functionality of Dropbox can be expanded way beyond by combining some of the other apps. Dropbox also provides cloud storage. You can also send files from G-mail to your Dropbox. Another add-on is Backup-Box for on-line backup.

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Dropbox provides a space of 2 GB for free users, 50 GB for Pro 50 and 100 GB for Pro 100 users for $ 9.99 and $ 19.99 per month respectively.

Dropbox has been named as the 5th most valuable web and comes in the list of top 10 best Android apps.

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