How to drive Traffic from Pinterest 2015


Last updated January 16th, 2015 at 06:48 pm

Today we will discuss the most important feature of pinterest social networking website because of which people are using social networking website and because of which it becomes third most famous social networking across the world. The feature about which I am talking about is “click on the pin and go to the link behind the pin”. By using this feature pinterest users can generate a lot of traffic to there blog or website. In this pinterest tutorial we will give you complete guide to “how to upload a pin and how to put your link in that pin” to generate traffic for your blog or website. Whenever anyone of pinterest user will click on pin added by you it will be redirected to link added by you. Almost every one of pinterest users is using this technique to generate tons of traffic for their blog or website. When people click on “pin it” button on any website then pinterest automatically adds link in it but when add pin in your pinterest profile then you have to do it manually. So this is very useful feature and you just have to follow the steps below to learn how to add a pin and how to put link of your website or blog in it.


How to drive Traffic from Pinterest 2015

1: First go to

First you have to go to pinterest and have to login to your pinterest profile. After login to your pinterest profile click “on your small picture with your username on the right top of the page screen”. This will open your pinterest profile. Read the next step to see what to do next.

 2: Click on the Add button

After doing the work described in the first step click on the add button in the top right corner of the screen. Where you will see three different options like “add a pin” and upload a pin. Click on upload a pin to upload a picture or video from your computer and select any photo to upload it. After selecting photo add the required details and then click on pin it. After pinning it just follow the next step to learn the best.

3: Now Edit your Pin

Now here comes the last but not least step of this tutorial. Now go to the board onto which you have pinned that content move the mouse pointer on that photo and click edit after clicking on edit you will reach at a page showing details about that pin like its title, the name of board onto which it is pinned.

There will be a detail about link put the in it where you want to redirect viewer. For example if you give the link of your website then every viewer who click on the pin will be redirected to your website. That will generate a lot of traffic for your blog or website.

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