Divvyup – A Windows Phone 8 Bill Splitting App


Apps play an important role in the success of smartphones. Millions of apps are available in the app stores for every kind of problem. After iOS & Android, now Windows 8 is also becoming popular. Many new apps have been added in its store to increase variety. Recently an exclusive & different app has been launched for Windows 8 named DivvyUp. It is a very useful app.



DivvyUp is like your personal money calculator. It is bill counting master. It is a very useful app for daily use especially when you are out for shopping or hang out with your friends. This app will help you keep your record clear with your friends.


If you are out in a restaurant with your friends & you do not know how to divide bill equally among all the friends. This app can help you. Simply capture the bill with your camera and add it to this app & tell the amount of friends you want to divide it in . It will scan the bill & then tell you the exact amount of money for each friend according to the dishes they order.

Tip Calculator

It will also help you to divde the tip equally among all the friends.

Quick split

If you want to divide the total bill equally among friends this feature will help you do it by telling the exact amount.


Free version

The best thing about this app is, it is also available in free version. Just go to the store, install it & it is ready for use.

Premium Version

The premium version of this app is also available. It costs you $0.99 & it will give you more options like OCR feature. You can also change the look of the app & share breakdown summary. This app is exclusively for Windows 8. I hope it will soon come to other devices too because it is very useful.

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