Designing a Mobile Website – Mistakes That You Should Not Do!!

Designing a Mobile Website

Last updated September 13th, 2013 at 03:51 am

The best way to explain a layman about a mobile website would be to tell him that a mobile website is the one which is designed keeping mobile viewing in mind. It is custom made to be viewed on a cell phone. It is nothing but a reduced version of your website so that it can be easily viewed on the cellular network by means of a cell phone without any major modifications and alterations. With the ever increasing sphere of cell phones, it has become increasingly important for organizations to design mobile websites that can be easily viewed and accessed by any Smartphone.


When it comes to designing such websites, people generally know what all they have to do, what are the essentialities that need to feature on their website. Dos are quite popular but what are unknown to most people in this field are the Don’ts. Rather, one can say that the Don’ts are far more important that the Dos because even before creating a USP for yourself, you have to be sure that you don’t do something that let you down.

designing a mobile website

Below are some very common yet dangerous mistakes that you would definitely lie to avoid when designing your own mobile website.

Mistake #1 : Spacing and Alignment – designing a mobile website

The average screen size of a cell phone is quite small to fit a number of options into it. So the primary focus of every mobile website designer should be to figure out a proper spacing and alignment plan. A spacing of about 10 to 20 pixels is standard and just serves the purpose of easy navigation. The text, icons etc need to be spaced out evenly and cramming should be deliberately avoided.

Mistake #2 : Tap friendly items

The icons should be big enough so that they can be easily tapped upon and selected. Two consecutive icons and links should have optimum space between them and the size can be an average of around 30 to 40 pixels. Another way of doing this even with a small icon size is by increasing the tap area that even takes into account some inadequate taps that just the mark by a few pixels.

Mistake #3 : Optimum amount of text

The text used on the mobile website so neither be too much nor too less. Although efforts should be kept to reduce text on the website to a minimum, the adequate amount of text must be put up. Very little text might not serve the understanding of the user.

Mistake #4 : Importance to the phone’s screen size – designing a mobile website

This is the most easily avoidable mistake when designing a website. All that needs to be done is the an average screen size should be kept in mind and everything should be designed by paying due consideration to the same

Mistake #5 : Back button vs. Breadcrumbs

A single back button to take you up one level would be a greater idea than using breadcrumbs that can take you to any level of your choice. A mistake done by your viewer by switching to some wanted level and then going all the way back down to the required level might cost you heavily as the customer abandons the website altogether.

Mistake #6 : Navigation

Every care should be taken that the user is able to easily navigate on the mobile website

Mistake #7 : Loading time

Background effects, big size files etc can be easily avoided on your mobile website. As cellular networks are more than often quite slow, care should be taken that every possible effort is made to reduce the time that the webpage takes to load.

In addition to the above the designers should carefully avoid putting in long forms and should always optimize the data that is put to help users better. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.