Denali National Park – Most Wonderful Place to Visit in Alaska

Denali National Park

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Denali National Park and preserve is located in the interior portion of Alaska and has the privilege of having the highest mountain in the America that is the Mount McKinley or simply called as the Denali.


Millions of acres of this land are owned by the federal government and beautiful and amazing works of nature are spread all over this park ranging from glaciers, forests, rock and snow. Millions of people visit this park every year to enjoy the fullest all the spectacular opportunities of nature that this park has to offer.

Charles Alexander had a role to play in the establishment of this park when he showed his interest for the endangered species. Originally declared as the biosphere preserve it focused on the preservation of species of sheep.

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The name of the park was derived from the meaning of the word Denali which means the High One because of the height of this mount.

Denali National Park
Denali National Park

The access to the park is by way of a highway and there are many guided tours through its most famous one is, Tundra Wilderness Tour. It starts around the boreal forests, and passes to tundra. All the way is very much dangerous because of sharp turns of cliffs. The portion of the park having hills and rivers is accessible thorough this Stampede Trail.

Most of the Denali Mountain is present in the portion that is called as the Denali Wilderness.

As is known throughout the world, this place is famous for its winters. There is only a short duration of summers that is followed by long harsh winters.

Denali National Park
Denali National Park

When in the park when gets to enjoy so much diverse beauty and wonders of nature as are not available anywhere. The Alaska range, the Wonder Lake, the beautiful tree lines of spruce and willows and thick forests.

The type and number of flora and fauna is simply amazing. Fungi, mosses, grasses form a large part of the vegetation. Wide range of flowering plants adds to the beauty.

Varieties of birds and mammals are just amazing. Deer, sheep, moose, squirrel, bears, hares, foxes, wolverine, all are available In their worth exhibiting forms. Bird watcher and bird lovers have all sorts to treat their eyes. The presence of rivers and glaciers has provided opportunities for at least ten species of fish.

Various old rock forms that are rarely found can be seen in this place. Fossils and footprints have also been discovered. Glaciers are yet another one of the nature’s blessings of this place. Permafrost, ponds and caves can also not be avoided in any case as the unique feature of this land.

Denali National Park
Denali National Park
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Countless activities can be done at this wonderland. Beginning from simply viewing the splendor of nature where breathtaking landscapes all surround you starting from the highway. Then hiking and mountain biking is the thing for all the adventure lovers. Camping is such a favorite sport in here especially for people here to enjoy the winter vacations. The ice and permafrost are proving ultimate opportunities of skating, skiing and snowboarding. So any and every way one likes to enjoy at this place is available.

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