6 Creative USB Flash Drives


Flash drives are a must have now a days. They are not only portable but also have high storage capacities. Which make them ideal and perfect for day to day use and for transfer of data from one computer to another. Although they perform the dreary task of storing data, their appearances can be modified to resemble something interesting. This article is all about different “creative USB flash drives” available out there in the market. Some really cool and creative USB flash drive ideas have been listed below. Have a go through them and enjoy the various creative shapes they come in. Pick the one you want and store and carry your data on the go, in style.

6 Creative USB Flash Drives

USB #1 : Wooden Style USB


These wooden style USBs are unique in such a way that they have a peculiar small branch like shape which makes them trendy and unique. When plugged in the laptops these make for an eye catching look which adds to the value of this device. Tech and nature go hand in hand with this trendy looking USB flash drive.


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USB #2 : Thumb Shaped Flash Drive

Creep your colleagues and friends out with this USB device. When hooked in to the laptop it looks like there is a detached thumb hanging from your laptop. It’s not only creepy but fun as well in a twisted sort of way. A perfect fit for your Halloween days. Add a touch of creep with this creative USB flash drive.


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USB #3 : Necklace USB Flash Drive

These USB devices are not only creative but also fashionable. Use it as a necklace when not being used for storage. These flash drives look chic and trendy at the same time. Store your data in these and carry it around in style.


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USB #4 : Key Shaped USB Flash Drives

As the name indicates these flash drives are shaped like keys. Hang it in your regular key chain or ring and carry it around with your keys. Normally it’s been observed that USB devices due to their monotonous sculptures or tiny sizes may at times be lost. Having a USB device shaped like a key makes it harder to lose it especially if it’s hooked into the key chain. Use your key chain now to keep stack of not only your keys  but also your flash drives.


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USB #5 : Mini Guitar Flash Drive

This flash drive is shaped like a guitar. And when plugged in to the computer or laptop looks really cool. A perfect accessory for a music maniac who also happens to be a guitarist. Show off your music mania with this USB device. Make your data storage device an accessory you are comfortable with.


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USB #6 : Bunny Shaped USB Flash Drives

One of the many among different creative USB Flash drives available in the market. This flash drive is not only cute but also very girlish. A perfect pick for girls who like making their own statements with girly products.


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