10 Most Creative Logo Design Tutorials 2015

Spiderman Logo

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 12:59 am

Logo designing is an important part of designing, almost every website have its own logo which differentiate it from other websites in the internet. As logo designers charge for their work, that’s why most of the blog and website owners try to create logos their selves. But its not easy to create professional logos without any experience and knowledge, that’s why most of the beginners fail to make their impact. But anyone can create effective logos with proper guidance and tips.


But this proper guidance is also not cheap to attain offline because academies and colleges teaching designing charge a lot. But learning logo designing by watching online tutorials is a free and best source of learning that. There are tons of tutorials online which teach how to create creative logos like vivid ways, recreating logos like these could be very helpful. Today we have short listed 10 most creative logo designs tutorials which will help you in crafting your skills, list is below.

10 Most Creative Logo Design Tutorials 2015

Logo Design #1 :  Vivid Ways

Vivid Ways logo is more then creative, colorful and beautiful, vivid ways is a personal blog but its logo is fantastic. In this Tutorial professional designers will teach you how to create vivid ways.

10 Most Creative Logo Design Tutorials 2015

Logo Design #2 :  WordPress logo

WordPress logo is also very creative and beautiful like it. In this tutorial designers will teach how to create this shiny WordPress logo.

WordPress Logo

#3 :  Volkswagen logo – Creative Logo Design Tutorials

Cars lovers probably know about Volkswagen which is a famous car manufacturer and Volkswagen fans will also love to create Volkswagen logo. See the tutorial to learn about it.

Volkswagen Logo

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Logo Design #4 :  Nike fire

Nike fire is another amazing logo. In this tutorial you will learn new things about designing, you will learn how to add fire effects in design.

Nike Fire Logo

Logo Design #5 :  Colorful Mac

Colorful Mac is a colorful logo of Apple which looks like old apple logo. Many colors are used in this logo like vivid ways, See the tutorial to learn how to create colorful mac logo.

Colorful Apple Logo

Logo Design #6 :  Spiderman logo

Everyone is a fan of spider-man which is a very famous series of movies. If you are a spider-man fan like most of kids, then you will surely enjoy creating this logo.

Spiderman Logo

Logo Design #7 :  Flash logo – Creative Logo Design Tutorials

Adobe flash player logo looks very simple to design but in fact its not. You will learn a lot by recreating flash logo.

Flash logo

Logo Design #8 :  Ubuntu logo

Ubuntu is a very famous operating system for computer. Like Ubuntu its logo is also beautiful and unique.

Ubuntu Logo

Logo Design #9 :  Web Mynds logo

Another creative logo design is here, learn how to create two same designs and how to use them to create a fantastic logo.

Webmynd Logo

Logo Design #10 :  Umbrella corporation logo

Umbrella corporation logo is another creative one. Recreating this creative logo will teach you a lot.

Umbrella Corporation Logo

These are the 10 best creative logo design tutorials to learn from. Many of these logos belong to big companies which have spend a lot to get those designs. If you want to become a successful designer then you should try creating these logos.

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