How to Create Playlist in YouTube


Last updated January 23rd, 2015 at 09:03 pm

YouTube is a big source of streaming videos on the web, with YouTube playlist; you can allow the collection of videos. One of the best ways to enjoy YouTube is to create a personal Playlist.


#1: Homepage

First you go to the YouTube home page to login

#2: Login Yourself           

Log in yourself. Click ‘Sign Up’ and register if you don’t have an account.

#3: Playlist & Quicklist          

Click Playlists, Playlist is similar to a Quicklist. A playlist can be shared, operated and saved.

#4: Create Playlist        

Select ‘Create Playlist.

#5: Tags         

 Give relevant name, tags and description.

#6: Private Playlist   

Select Playlist to be public or private.

#7: Save It      

 Press ‘Save Playlist Info.’

#8: Add Playlist        

 you can add as many Playlists as you choose.

Add Content to Your YouTube Playlist

#9: Click ‘Video’ link from YouTube logo.

#10: Search available content and locate a video you’d like to add in your Playlist.

#11: Press Video.

#12:  Save to Favorites link.

#13: Find the pull down menu ‘Select a Playlists’.

#14: Select the Playlist you want to add the video and click ok

#15: Click Playlist at any time to view the content.

#16:  Most important, click the Share this Playlist button to send to your friends and family.

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