CPU-Z for Android, App To Monitor Your Android Performance


CPU-Z was initially designed for Windows PC. It basically is a tool that has been very popular lately. It is present on desktop to identify the hardware components of the PC very quickly and very efficiently and with a great ease. Lately it has been of a great help to the Windows user and now the developers have decided to extend this ease and utility to the Android users also.


Hence the new app by the name of CPU-Z Beta arrives in the market to bring same ease and utility to Android user that the Windows users have been enjoying for so long. Now CPU- Z beta is the newest treat for Android users and CPU-Z for Android arrives at Google Store.

It is a useful little tool to identify little bells and whistles in your CPU and they are all identified through CPU-Z as it knows everything about your hardware pretty well. This little software can ID your ARM chip down to the revision number, track RAM and processor load, find software and kernel versions and list all of your internal sensor. It can give as much information you need about your motherboard, chipset and GPU. Apart from that it gives proper statistics about battery and reading from all the sensors including accelerometer, proximity sensor, gyroscope etc.

This app has a HOLO (#YOLO) design and doesn’t really do anything out of ordinary. The plus point is that it can export device debug information if there is any problem to Gmail, Drive, Evernote and other apps. This version is the first public beta version so this version doesn’t has any special feature but it is expected to be added in later and more advanced versions.


It had been a great success for Windows user and now it has expanded its market to Android users to. Lets hope that the developers make something for iOS users too.

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