7 Cool Gadgets for Christmas 2014


Last updated October 24th, 2017 at 03:53 pm

It’s that time of the year again when everyone digs in their pockets and spends some on others. Yes it’s Christmas time, almost. With Christmas comes the ordeal of finding the proper gifts and getting them before they run out of stock. This could be a hectic task for those unprepared. We therefore have compiled a list of “cool gadgets for Christmas” to help you decide what to pick. With just a month left till Christmas this is the high time to get in the “shopping” mood and start wrapping some gifts. Go through our choice picks here and decide for yourself which ones you want to go for.


7 Cool Gadgets for Christmas 2014

Gadgets for Christmas # 1 : Slow/Pressure Cooker

This device comes with both the units set into one. You can slow cook  or pressure cook whatever you want to with it. Without having to worry about it taking too much space. This budget buy can be bought for under $150.


Gadgets for Christmas # 2 : Breakfast Sandwich Maker

The maker comes in a small compact package which can be used to cook delicious early morning meals. All you have to do is to add layers to your sandwiches and the rest is it’s work.


Gadgets for Christmas # 3 : Silent Vibrating Alarm Watch

This watch sounds the alarm without sound. Yes! That’s right this cool gadget can be worn on wrist at night and makes the person wake up by vibrating. This will in turn reduce the inconvenience of waking the whole house up with a loud alarm.


Gadgets for Christmas # 4 : Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

A perfect gift for that caffeine addict we all know. Whoever receives this gift is bound to be thankful. It not only makes espresso but also cappuccino. This two in one can be bought for around $400 and will make a good gift for somebody who loves coffee. The coffee factor to it made us include it in our list of cool gadgets for Christmas.


Gadgets for Christmas # 5 : iPad Painting Brush

No list is complete without including an Apple product or Apple accessory. That is exactly why we have included in our list a really cool contraption which is an iPad paint brush. This comes enabled with a texture suitable for iPad screen and allows the user to turn their iPad into a canvas. This does not scratch the screen and is a good pick for the artists in the family.


Gadgets for Christmas # 6 : Portable Wireless Speaker and Charger

A good pick for the music lovers out there. They can now take their music with them anywhere they go and ramp up the volume. It comes with a charger of it’s own therefore the need to look out for battery drainage is not a problem anymore. It can be bought for under $150.


Gadgets for Christmas # 7 : Garmin Vivofit

Help them track their fitness in a better more smarter way. This fitness band is an ideal gift pick for someone who maintains a healthy lifestyle. This band comes equipped with features which make it ideal for tracking our health record and with a retail of $130 this is a good pick.



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