Controlling your Facebook newsfeed easily


Doesn’t matter if it’s a link that’s getting repeated again and again to websites that make you take surveys that are nothing but nonsense, or a conversation perhaps that makes you want to puke your eye balls out so you don’t have to bare it anymore, Facebook sure is something really annoying. That’s right the social media website that used to be an addiction to people all over the world is slowly converting into a website that annoys people enough to make them log out.



The bad part is that how Facebook chooses to show you stuff on your timeline is something that you can’t control. The giants in the social media business say that Facebook shows you everything that all your connections are up to all the time and that’s pretty annoying to be very honest.

However, there are things under the hood that you don’t seem to know.

On some level you actually do have the key to controlling your news-feed, you just don’t seem to take it seriously. Today we’ll help you modify your news-feed to get rid of useless stuff from your timeline. So let’s start mission clean-the-news-feed-up, shall we?


Hit the unfollow button if he/she is annoying- So you’re the soft type, huh? You don’t want to see your friend’s stupid shares and likes and his conversations on Facebook yet they keep popping. However, you can’t unfriend him as that’ll make him feel bad. Well, unfollowing him is the first thing you should plan on doing. This way you won’t have to bare his stupidity on your news-feed and he won’t even get hurt as he’ll never even know. Easy as pie!

Filter page content-Remember that faFacebookhat you used to love but that turned out to be shit later and now it just sits on your news-feed with lame jokes? Well, don’t worry I’ve had loads of pages like that on my news-feed as well. They used to annoy me on levels unknown until i came across the ‘hide this page’ option. Just got to the settings of the page and you can hide stuff it posts from getting on to your news-feed so that you only get to see pure filtered content that you love.

Contact Facebook- Telling the website itself happens to be a great option as well. Facebook added this option in it’s last update and it happens to be a great addition. All you have to do is go to the options like i told you previously and click on the ‘I don’t want to see posts like these’ and Facebook will filter the posts for you.

News Feed loves- Make a special place for things you love on your newsfeed. Everytime you see something that you want to see more on your newsfeed, go to it’s page and add it to your interests. You’ll see more posts from that page or person in the future.

Facebook survey-I know this might sound stupid, but Facebook have really started to provide everything according to what people are demanding through Facebook surveys so make sure you take every survey facebook throws your way to make your experience better. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.