Construction Marketing Ideas For Construction Companies

Construction Marketing Ideas

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:01 am

While working in construction industry, you always need to come with unique and fresh construction marketing ideas. In most of the cases, a construction company requires nothing more than local customers but due to high competition in the market, it often becomes really difficult to get those customers sign up for your services. Not only you have to beat your competitors are the quality of your services but you also need to incorporate a better marketing and advertisement strategy too. In this post, I’m going to share some cool construction marketing ideas for construction companies that will help you more local customers.


Idea #1 : Picture frames

If you are doing a job for a customer and it is almost complete then you can bring a picture frame for him/ her. Let us assume that you were building a small showroom for an auto company, you can give a picture frame as a gift to the showroom owner with your logo embodied in it. Make sure that your logo in that picture frame cannot be removed but at the same time, the picture frame needs to be so cool that a customer cannot ignore it while decorating his showroom. This will bring a lot of more customers towards your business because that picture frame will be acting as a free advertisement billboard for your business.

Construction Marketing Ideas
Construction Marketing Ideas

Idea #2 : Truck Magnets/ Stickers – construction marketing ideas

If you have many trucks for moving stuff in your construction company then you can make magnets and stickers. Make sure that the stickers have your company name, logo, short description and contact information on them. If possible, paint your trucks in accordance to your company logo and also add contact information on them. Wherever your trucks will go, they will be advertising your business. You can also place such stickers on other trucks after taking permission from truck owners.

Idea #3 : Offer a free “Green Audit” with every estimate

Whenever someone invites you to visit their site and give them estimation about the construction work, doesn’t forget to provide them with some extra cool tips too. For instance, after giving estimation to a customer, you can guide them about some great energy saving tips. You can also offer to install those energy saving appliances in their premises after construction is completed. This will show the customer that you are a professional company who takes keen interest in its work. It is really a simple, effective and amazing way of winning more customers.

Idea #4 : Create a referral rewards program – construction marketing ideas

You should have a referral reward program for your customers too. If one of your customers refers another customer to your business, you should offer him special discount for future services. If the same customer has hired your company for annual maintenance, you can give them special discount on repairing cost. This will help you make good and long lasting relations with your customer and bring a good name to your company.

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