Complete Power Guide For Windows 8

How to Restart, Sleep or Shutdown Windows 8

Last updated September 9th, 2013 at 08:34 pm

Complete Power Guide For Windows 8
Complete Power Guide For Windows 8

While you are working on your computer and suddenly, you realize that there is something more important outside your office that you need to address then either you will shut down your computer or put it on sleep mode. If you have been using Windows OS since a long time then you already know the functions of these features. However, you must keep in mind that Microsoft has recently launched its new OS called Windows 8. This new operating system comes with some great additions and advancements. In fact, the things that you will find in Windows 8 will be completely new to you in many cases. In such scenario, you can get help from the tutorials that we are writing for you and making them available at our blog. Below is another tutorial about how a person can restart, sleep or Shutdown his computer while using Windows 8.


Sleep, Shutdown and Restart are some of the main features of Windows Operating System. These features have travelled a long way with Windows OS. Recently, new Windows OS has been launched by Microsoft named “Windows 8”. There are so many UI changes in this new version of Windows. Due to UI changes, many users may find it difficult to understand this new Windows. However, with a little concentration, you can find whatever you are looking for.
If you have installed Windows 8 in your computer and have been playing around with it since a long time then you must be feeling tired now and want to restart, Shut down or Sleep the Windows. Since, you have migrated from older version of Win OS to the newer version and not only that you have migrated from older version of OS but you have also migrated of older version of UI as well. This new UI can be a little challenging for you in the beginning. If you are not able to find the option to Shut down, Sleep or Restart your computer then this article will be very helpful for you.

There are basically two ways of finding the power menu in Windows 8.

1st Way:

While using Windows 8 when you want to find power options, Just move your mouse to the bottom left corner of screen and hover at that place for some time. This will open up the Windows 8 Charm Menu that will look like this.

Press with your finger if you are using a touch screen PC or Click with your mouse on Settings option that will open a pane on the right side.
You can also press Windows Log Key + l for opening the settings charm as well.

2nd Way:

If you will look at the bottom then you will find “Power” icon. Click on the icon and you will find options to Restart, Shut Down or Sleep.

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