Comparison of Google Android vs. Apple iOS

Comparison of Google Android vs. Apple iOS
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Last updated September 15th, 2013 at 10:35 pm

Actually when we talk about comparing Android OS with iOS then this is a never ending battle. This has always been a classic argument and will remain the same. However, I also want to jump into this burning river of Android vs. iOS argument. In this post, I will be reviewing both the operating systems based on different things that you will find in the headings below.

Comparison of Google Android vs. Apple iOS
Comparison of Google Android vs. Apple iOS


I’m putting games at top position because no matter why you want to buy a smartphone or a tablet, one part of your heart always wants to play games on that device. Many people review latest devices based on the games they can play on them. Obviously, if you want to play latest games then you need to have a latest OS. However, when we compare the game library of iOS with that of Android then it is clear that iOS has an edge in this case. There are countless games available for iOS but at the same time, countless games are also available for Android too. However, the quality of those games is much better for iOS as compared to Android. I will have to cast my vote for iOS in this case.

App Store vs. Google Play

Let’s not just talk about the games that you can play on Android or iOS. Let us also discuss about other application that are important to use if you won a smartphone or a tablet computer running on Android or iOS. If you want to count the number of apps that are available on both platforms that this will be a complete waste of time. If iOS has millions of apps then Android also has almost the same number of apps as well. The point is; which OS has better quality of apps. Well, I must give credit to iOS in this case because their policies for app developers are quite strict as compared to those of Android. It means that the quality of apps that you will find on iOS will be much better than that of Android.

Maps vs. Maps

Apple doesn’t really like Google a bit and that is the main reason why in latest iOS, there are not Google Maps and YouTube as well. This time, Apple has introduced their own Maps app for iOS but to be honest with you, that app sucks a big time. I was never a fond of Apple Maps and will never become one in future because if they cannot provide better maps app to their users then they also don’t have the right to deprive us from using other maps apps as well. My vote goes to Google maps in this case because this app is really awesome. So, android is a winner in this case.

Facetime vs. Hangouts

If you look at the latest version of both operating systems then you will find that both of these have very good video chat client apps installed in them. In iOS, you will find Facetime and in Android, you will find Hangouts. I prefer using Skype so none of the operating systems score any point in this case.

What is it that you like about iOS or Android? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in comments section.

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