Common Job Interview Questions and Their Answers

Common Job Interview Questions and Their Answers
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Last updated September 14th, 2013 at 10:51 pm

The time when you go for your first job interview, you have no idea what kind of questions will be asked from you and similarly, you don’t know what answer is appropriate for which question. Giving a successful interview is a skill and you only learn it with experience and practice. More interviews you will give more perfect answers you will be able to give to the interviewer. To make things easier for you, I’m going to share some commonly asked interview questions here and the answers that you should give in return.


Q: Name of Previous Employer/ Company?

This is a really easy question but if you will not give right answer to this question, you will lose your chances of getting that job. You should be certain about the previous company you worked for. As soon as the interviewer asks you about the previous employer, you should answer their question without any hesitation.

Common Job Interview Questions and Their Answers
Common Job Interview Questions and Their Answers

Q: What was your responsibility in previous company?

This is a really important question and rest of the interview will be based on your answer to this question. When interviewer asks you about your job position or your responsibilities in the previous company, you should give them a satisfactory answer and tell them in detail what you did in the previous company. This will help them understand what you can do for their company if they hire you for the job.

Q: Your starting and final levels of compensation

This is basically a bargaining point. You should not lie to the person sitting in front of you. Obviously, you want to start your new job at a good pay scale by lying about your previous salary will lead towards a disaster. Corporate industry is a networking industry which means whatever answer you will give to a question, it will be verified from the previous employer. If your salary was not as per your expectations in the previous company, you should tell the interviewer about that fact and also explain that was one of the many reasons why you left the previous company.

Q: Can you work under pressure?

You shall not hesitate while answering this question because the interviewer wants to know if you are the right person for that job position or not. You should be able to work under pressure because corporate industry is all about pressure. There will not be a single day in your life without stress and pressure. You should state it very clearly that you are comfortable working under pressure and that is the same thing that you have been doing in the previous company too.

Q: What lessons have you learned from your mistakes?

We all make different mistakes in different parts of our life. You may be a highly qualified and well experience person but it doesn’t mean that you don’t make mistakes. If you have ever made any kind of mistakes previously in your job then you should let the interviewer know about them and also tell him what lessons you have learned from your previous mistakes.

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