6 Awesome Clever Gadgets for the Home


Who does not want up to date gadgets which make every day work easier to manage and do. So many gadgets are now available which not only add to ease of access but also have qualities to make work more manageable and organized than can be done in their absence thereof. To make the cumbersome process of selecting some gadgets to add to your existing collection we have compiled a list of some “clever gadgets” for everyone. Which can be used by adults and young ones alike without necessitating the check for age limit. Read on to check out some clever gadgets for everyone.

6 Awesome Clever Gadgets for the Home

Clever Gadgets # 1 : Voice Activated Grocery List


Throw out the need to find a pen and paper every time you need to make a run to the market for some groceries. With this gadget all you have to do is voice out loud the groceries you need and voila a neatly printed grocery list comes out. Not only this but it allows you to group things down to the very basics.


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Clever Gadgets # 2 : Pasta Pot

With this pasta pot designed specifically to drain the water out without loosing the pasta with it, pasta recipes have been made easier. This pasta pot not only makes draining excess water off easier but also keeps in check that the pasta does not get over boiled.


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Clever Gadgets # 3 : Cake Batter Dispenser

Long gone are the days when piping down the batter for perfect cup cakes was a hassle faced by many. With this cake dispenser not only can blending be done in an easier way but also this batter can be dispensed with ease without making a mess of things. A small outlet designed specifically for the purpose makes it easier to fill up the moulds. This outlet is clasp controlled and can be shut down upon releasing the said clasp.


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Clever Gadgets # 4 : Remote Control Mop

Find mopping too dreary ? Problem solved. With this remote control mop you can enjoy the dreary mopping chores. It comes with a console of it’s own which can be controlled like any other gadget and you can now relax and lay down on a sofa and make your mop move around the house with these console controls.


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Clever Gadgets # 5 : Portable USB Humidifier

Keep the air in your rooms moist and fully hydrates with this portable USB humidifier. It does not have the usual humongous stature associated with humidifiers. It’s small and portable and compact. Put it atop any water bottle and you have a humidifier on the go.


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Clever Gadgets # 6 : Dishwashing Rack which Drains in Sink

Water which accumulates at the bottom of dish racks is a problem everyone despises. Not only does it look tacky but also has a certain untidiness associated with it. This dish washing rack which automatically drains excess water is the solution to this problem. It can be placed near a sink and it’s slightly tilted stature allows excess water to drain off.


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These clever gadgets for everyone are not only practical but also make life easier.

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