Chrome Extensions to Boost Google Plus Usability

Chrome Extensions to Boost Google Plus Usability

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 06:00 pm

Chrome Extensions to Boost Google Plus Usability
Chrome Extensions to Boost Google Plus Usability

Google Plus has been in the news since the day it was released. Some people liked Google
service, whereas some claimed it to be a clone of Facebook. Whatever people to say, Google+
is really a good competitor among Facebook and Twitter. Now find below the Google Chrome
extensions that can completely enhance your Google Plus experience.


1. Extended Share for Google Plus

Extended Share for Google Plus is a perfect chrome extension for those who use other social
networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and Google+. It provides a quick way to share your
posts on Facebook and Twitter. Actually, it adds a “Share on…” link which on clicking will bring
up an internal bubble letting you share your posts directly on other social networks.

2. Usability Boost for Google Plus

This chrome extension makes small CSS (cascading style sheets) changes in Google+, in order
to improve the readability. It normally puts more focus on content and enables you to easily
distinguish between the posts and comments.

3. Notification Count for Google Plus

This extension checks for any unread notifications on your Google+ and displays the notification
count on your browser notification toolbar.

4. GTools+

GTools+ is a great Google Chrome extension. It lets you stick the notifications bar always on
top when scrolling, translate posts, customize notifications color, add notifications for Gmail and
Google Reader, and much more.

5. Google+ Tweet

Google+Tweet is a chrome extension integrates Twitter and Google+. It lets you tweet, view your timeline, retweet, check your inbox, share your photos and much more.


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