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Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 01:03 am

When you are going to start a new blog the most important decision is to choose the hosting service. Here are some factors you should always consider when choosing a web hosting for wordpress blogs.



The reliability of a web host determines the up time of your blog. You want a hosting service that guarantees minimal downtime for your blog.

web hosting for wordpress blogs

Most hosting services promise 99.9% up time and there’s no reason you should go for one that promises less.

A reliable hosting service will also be fast. This means that your blog will load fast allowing for a better experience for your readers.

Customer service – Web Hosting for WordPress Blogs

You want a hosting company that provides reliable customer service and technical support for that matter.

This is so important since you want a company that provides support right at the moment you need it.

One way of determining the reliability of a hosting company is to give them a phone call or send them an email and see how they respond.


The hosting features you need mostly depend on the type of blog you want to start. If for example you’re starting a wordpress blog, you’ll need a hosting service that meets the minimum requirements for wordpress.

Another feature you will look out for is bandwidth allocation (some hosting companies refer to it as file transfer).Basically, bandwidth is just a measurement of accessibility between the public and your website files.

When someone views your website, for example, they are spending your bandwidth. The bandwidth you spend will depend on the kind of blog you have and the traffic you receive.

That said, go for a hosting company that provides unlimited bandwidth-although it’s never really unlimited.

Storage space/disk allocation is one other important feature you should look out for depending on the kind of blog you’re starting.

If, for example, you’ll be storing large files in your blog then you’ll definitely need a hosting service that caters for that.

Most blogs, however, do not exceed the “unlimited storage” offered by most hosting companies.

Hosting packages offered – Web Hosting for WordPress Blogs

There’re basically 3 kinds of hosting packages you’ll consider for your blog: shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers.

The hosting package you choose will mostly depend on your budget and the kind of blog you are starting. When just starting out with blogging, shared hosting will probably be fine.

Shared Hosting Packages

Shared Hosting Packages are the most common hosting packages-most websites that you visit use shared hosting. Shared hosting simply means that you’ll be sharing the same web server with other users. Shared hosting is fine for most blogs depending on the size of the web server, its hardware, drive space capacity, bandwidth, RAM, processing speed, etc.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) just refers to a different kind of shared hosting where you share the web server with fewer users. If, for example, in shared hosting you were sharing with 300 other users, in VPS you might be sharing with 50 other users.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are basically designed for users who want to host their websites on their own private servers-without sharing with other users. Dedicated servers are ideal for larger websites with greater amounts of traffic. Although expensive, the advantages of dedicated servers are quite huge: higher up time, faster page loading, faster processing for FTP, downloads, uploads and basically all other server activity, simply because the resources are dedicated to one user.

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Basically the hosting service you choose will depend on the kind of blog you’re starting and your budget.

It’s however important that you check out for user reviews before going with a particular web host.

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