Chinterest A Copy Of Pinterest to Share you Chins

Last updated July 11th, 2018 at 12:52 am

Now a days popularity is very important for all types of businesses in the world from low level to high level its very important to make your product popular. To make product popular people do a lot of different things, mostly people do advertisement of their product on the internet, TV, news papers and on radio stations. But some times people try to copy popular brands relevant to their product and they use the copied name of popular product and due to this they gain some early popularity in the market. There are many examples in every field of business related to this fact specially in field of internet where websites are everything and people try to copy other other popular brands, for example back in days a boy used the name of Microsoft by making But today we are going to talk about the latest action related to this fact. Now a days social networks are very popular among every person and Pinterest is one of them.

Chinterest A Copy Of Pinterest
Chinterest A Copy Of Pinterest

The news is that now there is a website on internet which is a complete copy of pinterest. Not only the domain name is copied by the developers of that website but they also have copied the style, layout and graphics of pinterest. Now this news is wandering about on every top news blog and it’s really helping that copied website. The address of that copied website is “” and its a complete copy of pinterest and the title of the website is “Chinterest”.
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Basically according to the developers of Chinterest they have created this website to explore the “Best Chins” all over the world. When you go to that website you will see approximately same screen as pinterest have. Everything on that website is same but there is a only difference which is “Pin” word on pinterest is changed by “Chin” on chinterest.

Chinterest A Copy Of Pinterest
Chinterest A Copy Of Pinterest

The sign in buttons and about button are also same as pinterest gives  and when you move the mouse over the content you will find the same “+” sign as on the pinterest provide to in-large the content. When you will click on the “login” button on the top right side of the screen it will open a new login and sign up combined page as pinterest provide but it shows least sign in and sign up options as pinterest but the style is hundred percent same as pinterest. The sign in and sign up option for “Chinterest” is only through Facebook app and comments are also can only be made through Facebook comments plugin which is usually used in WordPress blogs.

In Short chinterest’s developers have tried to copy pinterest as much as they could from fonts to layout and in everything which was under there budget. Now they have made this website as copy of pinterest but usually every time these types of copied things didn’t manage to gain a lot of success in the market mostly there name vanished from the minds of people in few time. But when we look at this particular case there could the possibility of survival because there is no problem with the domain name, So there are no chances that Pinterest authority will claim that but they claim for their design which is copied by the chinterest. So now the condition of Chinterest is that they should change the layout and design of their website if they want their survival in social world.

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