Chevy MyLink Smartphone – Based Infotainment System


Smart phones are becoming a very major part of our daily routine. They do most of you work for us. They make our wake us up, make our calls, organize our day and do all the important stuff we need to get us through the day. Without our smart phones I guess we all would be unorganized mess. They have apparently penetrated every single component of our lives but if there is one area that was still ruled out for not being under the smart phone reign is the car technology. The use of smart phones is mainly limited to very high tech and flashy cars and apart from that it is almost nonexistent.


Now to give the smart phones a chance in car technology folks at General Motors were working tirelessly for a long time to make a smart phone based system that would be integrated into road vehicles like cars. Recently such a model is running recently in Chevy Spark.

Named as Chevy MyLink Smartphone-based infotainment system, it was observed to be working in full form with a Chevy Spark which was relied on an iPhone 4S to keep up a number of of its connections and functionality. Basically the all new MyLink system allows the users to strap up the power of iPhone’s abilities for example being entertained by variety of services. Now the best thing about this system is that there is no need for the user to interact with smart phone at all. All this can be done by the voice control or it may be also done through the car’s in-dash stereo system.

Although it is very convenient that the user is given a certain access to certain audio-centric apps but when the point comes to turn-by-turn navigation BringGo app is action gives a very clear answer. It allows some additional interaction between handset and in-dash system. As an example consider that you have to find the way to restaurant ahead of time we can actually use our handset to push them into the dash infotainment system which will save your time and make sure that you have directions before you get into the car. Apart from many other apps Siri will also be included so this is a very great news. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.