25 Hot Celebrities to follow on Instagram 2020 UK

We are living in the 21st century “the age of the Internet”. Nothing is far from us now, not even our favourite celebs. We can follow them and can stay up to date with them on social media. We see celebrities in a different way on social media, in a way in which we have not seen them ever before. Some celebrities are also crazy for social media.

25 Hot Celebrities to follow on Instagram 2020 UK

They want to increase their fans on social media by anyway. Some of them post their sexy photos on the web so that more people can follow them and their fans the following the increase. Instagram is now getting very famous for such photos because not anyone can download photos from Instagram and celebs feel secure in posting their photos. Today you will see such a post on our website. It also has become a hobby of some celebrities to post their photos on Instagram.

They just can live without doing this. At night before sleep, they post the photo. At the morning when they wake up they post their photo. Today we will guide you to 25 of the hottest celebrities of Instagram to whom you can follow and enjoy their photos. We hope that you will enjoy our post. Enjoy the list of “25+ Hot best celebrities to follow on Instagram 25 Hot Celebrities to follow on Instagram 2020 UK”.

1.Courtney Stodden – Hottest Women on Instagram 2020

Courtney Stodden first appears in an American reality TV show. She also shocks people after marrying with 50 years old man at the age of 16. She is very famous on Instagram. =>Follow Her

Courtney Stodden

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2.Kendall Jenner – Hottest Instagram Model 2020

Kendall Jenner has a very huge number of followers on Instagram. She is a very famous model and TV star. You just don’t want to miss her photos on Instagram. =>Follow Her

Kendall Jenner

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3.Arianny Celeste

She is a ring girl for the UFC and she also hosts a TV show known as Overhaulin. She also has a number of followers on Instagram. It may be because of her photos. You should also check out her photos. =>Follow Her

Arianny Celeste

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4.Heidi Klum – Hot Female Celebrity 2020

This lady is in the ’40s but you won’t believe it when you will see her photos on Instagram. She posts such photos which make her look like a teenage girl. She has a number of follower on Instagram. =>Follow Her

Heidi Klum

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5.Renee Somerfield – Instagram Model to Follow 2020

She is an Australian swimmer and model who likes to post her hot photos on Instagram. You just can’t miss to follow her on Instagram. =>Follow Her

Renee Somerfield

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6.Ashley Sky

Ashley Sky is a Brazilian model who lives in Miami. She is gorgeous and she is waiting for you to follow her on Instagram and see her photo which she uploads for you on Instagram. =>Follow Her

Ashley Sky

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7.Demi Lovato – Hottest Girl on Instagram 2020

Demi Lovato is an American singer and model. She is mostly known by her song “Let it go” is Disney movie frozen. But you have never thought of Demi Lovato which will see on Instagram. You will love her photos. =>Follow Her

Demi Lovato

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8.Emma Glover

Emma Glover is a very famous and wanted fitness model. You will know that Magazines want her to be on their cover when you will see her on Instagram. She has something special. =>Follow Her

Emma Glover

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9.Lara Bingle

Lara Bingle is an Australian fashion model and she also appears on a TV show. This 28 years old is very famous in Australia. She is also very famous on Instagram and now she wants you to follow her. =>Follow Her

Lara Bingle

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10.Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli is an Israeli businesswoman and a model. She is also hosting a TV show. This 30 years old girl is a successful model in Israel. People love to follow her on Instagram because of her posts. =>Follow Her

Bar Refaeli

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11.Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr is a famous and very loved Australian model. She is one of the most beautiful models Australia ever have and that is the reason she has a number of followers on Instagram. =>Follow Her
Miranda Kerr

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12.Sofia Vergara

Sofia is a Columbia born American actress, model, comedian, businesswoman and producer. She also hosts a TV show on a channel. She has won Child. This lady has 8 million followers on Instagram. =>Follow Her

Sofia Vergara

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13.January Jones

This 38 years old is a very successful American model and actress. She also post some funny photos on Instagram to make her fans happy. =>Follow Her

January Jones

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14.Kim Kardashian

And finally her she is. Kim Kardashian is zero percent serious about her. This lady has done many in her 30 years of life. And she is also crazy on Instagram. You don’t want to miss her Instagram. =>Follow Her

Kim Kardashian

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15.David Beckham

Well how can we forget the hot and Mr. Perfect David Beckham. He is consider as one of the greatest footballer and model in England’s history. He always invents something new. =>Follow Him

David Beckham

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Drake is a Canadian singer, rapper, songwriter and model. Girls loves to see him shirtless because of his perfect body. =>Follow Him


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17.Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is a very young American model and TV actress. She is a very beautiful and wonderful girl both by heart and face and that’s why she has a very large fans following on Instagram. =>Follow Her

Kylie Jenner

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18. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne the Rock Johnson, who don’t know him? If you’re a girl then you can’t stop yourself without following him on Instagram. He is also a very kind heart human being. =>Follow Him

Dwayne Johnson

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19. Candice Swanepoel

Candice Swanepoel is a 28 years supermodel from South Africa. She is the top model of South Africa. =>Follow Her

Candice Swanepoel

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20.Kat Graham

Kat Graham was born in Switzerland but she works in America as an actor, singer and model. She is famous for TV show Vampires Diaries. =>Follow Her

Kat Graham

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21.Emma Roberts

She is an American actress. She also appears in Nickelodeon TV show from where she get fame. =>Follow Her

Emma roberts

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22.Rita Ora

This 25 years old girl has 8.7 million followers on Instagram who likes to see her photos there. She is a British singer. =>Follow Her

Rita Ora

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23.Lea Michele

Lea Michele is famous for her TV drama of Fox TV Glee. She is also a singer and an actress. =>Follow Her

Lea Michele

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24.Selena Gomez

Selena first appears as a kid actress on kid TV show Barney & Friend. She has 72 million followers on Instagram. =>Follow Her

Selena Gomez

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25.Iggy Azalea

This 25 years old girl is an Australian singer and rapper. She is also a model. She has 8.3 million followers on Instagram. =>Follow Her

Iggy Azalea

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