Canon Rebel TS1

EOS 100D

Increasing the ease and comfort of use, this year canon has brought the Smallest DSLR Camera – Canon Rebel TS1. Canon released its camera in March 2013, without much hype. Along with TS1,  T5i was also released. T5i is the upgraded version of T4i.



Canon Rebel TS1 Selling Point:

The major point that Canon is using to sell this camera, is its small size and light weight. Canon believes that this factor will turn heads. It is for those who want a better quality but can not take the burden of carrying around the heavy DSLRs. It has the smallest APS sensor. The camera weighs only 407 grams including the battery weight. While the body is quite easy to handle with dimensions  116.9*90.7.


Other Features of Canon EOS 100D:

The camera has 18 mega pixel APS-C Hybrid CMOS sensor. It also boasts DIGIC 5 processor which is a plus point. This processor gives great noise reduction during continuous shots and multiple frames. It allows 4 fps shooting. It has a 3 inch screen. The camera also gives the common features like auto focusing and face detection which improves the photography. It gives HD video recording with suitable focus. It has 3:2 aspect ratio and optical view finder.

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Price and Worth:

According to some news this teeny tiny camera will be available for an extraordinary price of $ 800. Now the question comes, is this camera worth this much money? Well actually we think otherwise . This DSLR camera, because of its small size cuts on some features. So basically it will be used by beginners and amateurs. And the market gives multiple options with all these features at a lower cost of $ 500. However if you want to boast around and show off to your friends that you have the world’s smallest DSLR camera then that is another case.


The major problem with the new releases of Canon is that it makes the pro people wonder what is exactly new or improved in it. Canon needs to come up with innovative and quirky ideas to make people shake of some money from their pockets. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.