BubbleStarz – An Advanced Bubble Shooting Game for iPhone Users

Bubble Starz

Last updated September 20th, 2013 at 06:19 pm

Bubble shooting is not a new game in the computing world. I have been playing this game since my childhood and to be honest with you, I even stopped playing that game a long time ago because it got boring. There was nothing new in that game and I had kind of remembered all the levels and challenges offered by them. However, recently I came across a new bubble shooting game called BubbleStarz. At this time, the game is only available for iPhone users. I have found this game really interesting and that is the main reason why I’m going to review it here in this post.


How Does BubbleStarz Work

You have a very simple job to do. There will be obstacles in your way and you can clear them out of your sight by tapping on them. This will let the star to reach at the bottom of the game screen. One interesting thing about this game is that, there are several twists. For instance, you will have to tap more than one type on certain objects to make them vanish from screen and that will slow down the process. For many of you, the speed of the level may not hold any meaning but keep in mind that there is a limited time in which you have to clear a level. If you aren’t able to clear a level in given time, you will have to start over again. However, this is not the only challenge offered by this game. There will be monsters blocking your way in this game too. In many ways, BubbleStarz is really different from other bubble shooting games. There will be balls floating on the game screen, spiked objects and most importantly, the barrels filled with TNT. If you hit them by any chance, you will blow your chances to clear the level.

Bubble Starz
Bubble Starz

Power Up and Move Forward

While there are many obstacles in your way of clearing the level and achieving success, you can also get some positive points by taking power ups as well. Some of the power ups will give you immunity against certain monsters. It means that if you have collected a particular power up, you can enjoy immunity and be wary of different monsters that could have proved deadly in an ordinary situation for you.

BubbleStarz for iPhone
BubbleStarz for iPhone

Keep Looking Around

While playing this game, you will always have to keep an eye on the screen. You never know when an obstacle will get in your way or a monster will attack your character. Your goal is to help the star reach bottom of the screen. If you are not able to do so, you will lose the level. You have to be very attentive while playing the game and make sure that you don’t let any obstacles get in the way of your success.


For only $0.99, this game is not that expensive. You can have endless fun playing this game and the price is not that high as well.

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