Boost Up Your Laptop Battery Life

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Last updated September 14th, 2013 at 11:29 pm

Now days the sales and use of laptops is increasing rapidly. Because of the portability and reliability people are using laptops for various reasons. One of the main reasons of using a laptop is its power backup. If you have properly charged your laptop then you can enjoy more than 2 hours. There are lots of laptops which can give you the backup up to 10 hours. Many people have complained me that their laptop which used to last for 3 hours gives only backup for 1 hours and the laptop which used to give 2 hours backup could not handle more than 30 minutes. After reading this article you will find why the unusual power consumption occurs and how you can boost your laptop battery life.

Boost Up Your Laptop Battery Life
Boost Up Your Laptop Battery Life

First Step: Reduce the Brightness

Reducing the brightness of your laptop is the first thing you have to do for boosting your battery life. When you use the brighter mode more of the battery power will be used for satisfying its need, which will impact more on your battery. If you do not want to experience any problems regarding your battery then choose one of the best power saver plans which is available in your laptop. Here the best power saver plan means the option in which your laptop consumes a minimal power.

Second Step: Avoid Incompatible Applications

If you want to boost up your laptop’s battery life then stop using applications which are not compatible with your laptop. Ensure about every application before installing, and if you really need that application to run then we suggest you to update your laptop. These sorts of applications not only effect on your laptop battery but will also on other hardware.

Third Step: Close Useless Applications

Be sure that all of the useless applications are closed and no any useless applications are running simultaneously while using laptop. Actually no any application is useless, here the term useless denotes that the application which is not necessary to run on that specific purpose and time. Like, if you want to play cricket on your computer then what point in running football game while playing cricket. Avoid these shorts of habit of running multiple applications simultaneously. If you are running multiple applications in your laptop then they will use a large portion of the resources which will also affect a lot on your battery life.

Fourth Step: Do not run if you do not need

The fourth and final step for saving your laptops battery is by closing your laptop or keeping it on sleep mode when you really do not need it to run. It doesn’t mean that “do not run your laptop”. I really want to say that you can configure your laptop to go to sleep mode when you are not using it for more than 10 minutes. This configuration will save your lots of power. After following these processes or steps you will definitely boost up your laptop battery life.

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