Bloodhound SSC faster than a Bullet !


What do you think we get when we add aluminum tires to a jet engine that is also equipped with a rocket booster? The answer is the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car (SSC) which from now on is the world’s fastest car that travels over 1000 miles an hour FASTER THAN A BULLET!

You can sure as hell compare it to superman as it’s made up of titanium and carbon fiber and it’s design and speed proves it to be way faster than a bullet. However, making up the “Bloodhound Super Sonic Car” wasn’t as easy as it sounds; it took a total of six years to build this technological beauty.



And this small prototype is just the beginning for the UK team who made it, as their ready to assemble a 42 feet vehicle that will be tested in 2016 at a dry lake bed in South Africa and if the tests come out positive this will be a huge step for technology.

Andy Green is a former fighter jet pilot for the Royal Air Force UK, he is the genius behind the Bloodhound SSC. It seems like his love for speed is still there. According to him, designing a car that can undergo such speeds signals a victory for science and technology.

He further on told us that the tires he put on the Bloodhound SSC had no rubber at all, that’s something you don’t see every day. According to him the rubber tires were slipping off after the 450 mph mark and that wasn’t letting the experiments move on from the initial steps. The rubber was then replaced with aluminum that came proved to be a success.

Talking about his piece of work he also told us that it took over six years to finally make the Bloodhound SSC because no material was proving to be good enough to match speeds of over 1000 miles per hour. However, after six years he finally did make the Bloodhound good enough to match the speed of the bullet.


This isn’t the only astonishing thing that the jet ace has done. He is also the man who broke the sound barrier back in 1997 in Mach1 by moving at an amazing speed of 733mph in his vehicle the Thrust SSC.

According to him the Bloodhound SSC is following the legacy of Thrust SSC by improving the speed and taking the shape of half Formula1 car and half jet plane.

Besides the amazing state of the art engine that provides the Bloodhound SSC over 135,000 horsepower the rocket engine stabilizes the speed helps it to easily and efficiently reach the 1000mph mark.

According to the chief designer, Mark Chapman, The jet engine only gets the speed to over 730mph similar to what the Thrust SSC was. But on land it gradually begins to slow down, which where the rocket engine helps out and acts as a key to make this move from 700mph to an unbelievable 1000mph. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and we get a commission on purchases made through our links.